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Pretty Tiny Wildflowers

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Thanks, Robbie. I agree.............

Adriana, did you make a puzzle of it? I don't remember. Thanks for stopping by to visit.............


I also maked pictures of the Violet Wood Sorrel (Oxalis violacea)
Past year


I love it AJ, had a good laugh. You are right, there are so many beautiful wildflowers and weeds all over.


Thanks, Plum. I'm glad you have them, too, but I didn't know they could swim, especially in salt water. I know~~ maybe a clump once fell into the ocean & a mermaid,basking in our warm Southern Atlantic Coast waters, saw them & thought they were so pretty she put them in her hair. When she came to your beautiful island she thought, "I don't want these lovely flowers to die in this water, so I'll take them as close to shore as I can, give them a little nudge, and hope they can make it ashore. Maybe there they will grow & prosper." Anyhow, I like this version of how they got there! :-} Thanks again. I've found that a lot of 'weeds' have blossoms just as pretty as most snooty cultured flowers...........


Hi AJ, we have these here in Bermuda. They are considered weeds, but pretty weeds! Nice puzzle, thanks.


treker, Elfie, & Pat~~~ Thanks so much for stopping by & enjoying my little 'fairy pinwheel' wildflowers.They are such sweet little things, springing up in little colonies all around in the grass. And I'm glad you like them, too.


Beautiful ....!!!!


Thanks dear, but please take care of them for us!! I'm not sure they would like to grow here!!


They are very petite and this puzzle is great! Thanks Ann.


David, thanks so much~~I figured you would know. The name 'oxalis' came to my mind before I photo'd but when I looked it up I didn't see any quite like these. So glad you could ID them for me. I love the pretty little things. They are so dainty, except for their BIG leaves! LOL. ..........

Elfie, they would be nice if they covered a large space, like your violets, but I've only seen them come up in scattered clumps. I give this little bunch to you, with love ( Share them with Bent! )...............

Ank, I'm so glad you like my little 'Fairy Pinwheels'. They always cheer me up when I see a clump of them in my grass. And I'll look for your puzzle tomorrow.................

Mimi' I'm happy that you agree with me. Some people have their eyes & noses so glued to electronics & other technology that they have forgotten to "Take the time to smell the roses" or any other of the beauty of Mama Nature, given to us so freely, and which we ignore or destroy. And after all weeds are flowers, too.....................

Jacques, they really are gorgeous as you say. And tiny. The flowers are only about 1/2" across but by comparison their leaves are HUGE~~ up to
2" across & shaped like shamrocks. Pretty little things..........


they are georgeous an!


These are lovely and they bloom a lot in Louisiana too. Lots of people just think of them as weeds, but I have always liked them.


Well I just want to say I agree with everything Hanne said. Very lovely. Thanks

Ann I made a photo of my cactus today, I post it tomorrow. It's a beauty.


They are awfully sweet, I wouldn't mind if they grew everywhere in my surroundings. Thanks for your information, David, I'm sorry it only is to be found in the States and Canada. Your name "Fairy Pinwheels" is SO sweet Ann! Thanks so very much for this pretty photo!!


Oh, I forgot to mention - "Fairy Pinwheels" works great, too. You could keep it for the common name; now that you know what Linnaeus called it, the English name is up to you!


Hello, Ann! I was waiting for this one since you promised it yesterday.

This is Violet Wood Sorrel (Oxalis violacea). It's a colony-forming wildflower that blooms (in the Carolinas) in April/May and again in September/October. Very common in rich upland woods or in low places where it stays wet. There are also very similar related plants with white or pale pink flowers (Wood Shamrock, Oxalis acetosella) and with yellow flowers (Creeping Lady Sorrel, Oxalis corniculata). All of them re-flower in the fall or winter.


I don't kow what these are called~~perhaps one of you folks knows~~ I just call them 'Fairy Pinwheels' because the petals swirl together in the middle........