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Cute Tin Tea Sets!! ~ Anne and Jan`s Favourite

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Thanks Dagmar. I love how the bowl shapes of the cups makes those hearts too. And the glow that comes from the tin. I liked the bowl shape so much, I went exploring for more things to kaleido and I'll be posting a 3x3 of something similar today! :)))


Wonderful blues and lovely heats :))


Thanks Gail! And it's actually tin! Who woulddathunk. LOL


So pretty. I love the pearly hearts in the center.


Thanks Mandy!! What's not to enjoy? I have the sea AND Jigidi!! It's fantastic. And I'm really glad you enjoyed these kaleidos too. :)))


Kirsten, I'm so pleased to hear you are enjoying your holiday, and you are still giving us these stunning kaleidos too!!! Thank you.


I'm happy, if you're happy, Barb. :))) And I'm having a lovely time (see my comment to Ardy below), and the weather is OK. Not overly warm, but fine. I think it's been in the low 20's. But I think it will be in the high 20's next week. You never know, I might even go for a swim! Ooh, err! LOL


Morning, Ardy! Those silver hearts are the inside of the teacups. Bowl shaped things make hearts when they are kaleido'd. I'm working on another "cups" one at the moment, that I'll post on the week-end. And there are plenty of hearts in it. You must be reading my mind, I am feeling quite sleepy, so am not too far from heading to bed. I had a pretty quiet day today. Spent some time making the aforementioned puzzle, and made a start on some kaleidos for another one for this week end. And I also went for a lovely long walk. The Great Ocean Road is at the end of my street, and once crossed, you are on the beach! There's a walking track between the road and the beach. So I took the track and followed the coastline into town, and then came back via a back road where I got to admire the local flora and fauna. Well, I might exaggerate slightly when I saw fauna. More the local birdlife. But that's enough to make me happy. I saw kookaburras, wattle birds, crimson rosellas, currawongs and magpies. There are soooo many kookaburras here. I love them. So that was my day. And I spoke to Duncan today, and he's going to come down too this week-end. So it will be a very full house - for a compact 2 bedroom apartment. But it will be fun to have them all down here. And how was your day?


Kirsten, these are all so lovely I really can't pick a favourite so I'll just take the lot. :-)))
Hope you're enjoying your holidays and that the weather is cooperating.


Good evening, Kirsten. Love the grey hearts in the middle circle. This is my favorite of today's group. On these days when it is so close to your bedtime I'll head for the one I like best to solve first hoping to be able to wish you a good night with sweet dreams and send the most loving hugs that I have. ((HUGS)) What did you do today? How was it weatherwise? I'd love to know IF you want to share. Before I forget to say it, Thank you for this lovely one.