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Mother Melysta with her 4 puppies

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My friends in Heerenveen have a litter of puppies. I can show you these pictures. Three females and one male were born on February 1, 2013.

Did you miss it yesterday:


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Yes Cathy it is. The only problem is that they are mostly not very young and they have a past. The dog I had before Micky came from a shelter, and oh sure he had a past, he showed me all. But he saw the difference. He was such a grateful dog. He was already 7 years when I got him, and I had him for four years. We were very close together. It is always a difficult choice. A puppy or a shelter dog.


So cute! Thank you Ank. Another option for Monica is to go to the dog shelter in her own neighbourbood and rescue one of those abandoned little ones.


They are cute isn't it. So small.


I love these pictures!


Thanks Shirley Katie Pamcal Maria and Monica. They are very sweet indeed. And I'm glad you like them.
Monica, #1. You can contact themself with the link. #2. I can be between you and them, that's ok, but not on this page, give me your emailaddress on one of my older puzzles. #3. I know they did never do this before, so they have no experience with sending, they have to find out. So how serious are you with your question. Is it worth their work?


Hi there Ank! We can't afford a vacation there right now! So they would have to ship her out to me! Of course we would pay for all of the expenses! I just need to know how much they want for one of the female pups and the cost of shipping to have her sent out to me! Could you ask your friends for me? Please?...Monica


Thank you for the links Ank, the puppies are adorable!

You have beautiful babies Melysta.


Very sweet little puppies! Thanks Ank.


Beautiful babies, so cute, Thank you, Ank.


Hoi Bettie, wie weet, ze heeft zin in een Nederlands vakantie. Het zou grappig zijn.

hai ank ze kunnen contact opnemen en ze zijn inderdaad nog beschikbaar


Hi Ardy Astrid Jana Jan Hanne and Monica. Jana you are so right. They are very sweet and I think it's nice that we can see them grow. Monica I'm sure that not all the girls are sold yet. So plan your vacation to NL and take a puppy back home.
Hoi Astrid nee ze zijn van vrienden in Heerenveen, gisteren heb ik een collage gepost van de ouders met de puppies, heel leuk, moet je even naar kijken. Niets voor jou? Zo'n klein schatje? Ze zijn nog niet allemaal weg.


AAAWWW! She's such a good mommy! Thanks so much for sharing these pics Ank! Their so very adorable and I meant what I said, If they haven't sold all of the females yet, I'd be very interested!...Monica


Oh, SO cute!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


i visited the website above, so very darling little puppies. Mama dog is very proud of her liter.


Hi Ank, someone, sometimes, said, "Happiness can not be bought," but forgot about puppies, thank you Ank, I love you both girls :-)))


aaaah lief..
zijn die van jezelf?


Delightful to be able to see them grow. Thanks, Ank and your friends for sharing.


Thanks Denise Lorna and Sissy. I like your comments, Lorna, that's one for a big smile


Cute cute cute....


So sweet - they are at the milk bar!


Eight days old already. The little darlings:-) Thanks for the smile Ank:-))


Jana I knew you would do. They smell so well. They are lovely.


Good morning Ank, that's a little sweeties, so I will behave and smell and I smile, thank you my friend :-))