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Uh-oh, Kirsten's going to kill me because I forgot to post this with 81 pieces

64 pieces
99 solves
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YOUNG lady? She really does need an injection of some sort. I think she knows I'm 60! LOL Hope she's doing well.


Mea culpa, Chance-Prayer. Once I figure out how many puzzles and which sizes, I remember right AFTER I post them that I've once again forgotten to do "Octomom's Size". I'm so bad, will you ever forgive me? I don't post these kinds of 3x3s much any longer, and with my pea brain, it's hard to remember everything. I even forgot I promised Marea I'd post a puzzle for her, and had to delete one I'd just created in order to fulfill her wish before my procedure. I deleted it immediately, and just hope no one clicked on it yet. Can't afford to lose my small fan base now, can I? Can you send out a posse to look for my brain? I have nothing else on my mind lately, so it's not like I can't be counted on to remember a puzzle for you...

Mary, I don't know what you're complaining about. My solve time is at least twice that of the #10 spot, and I've been on Jigidi for more than three years. You've only been on her for a few months. You, young lady, are going to leave me in the dust in no time whatsoever.

Dagmar, thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement. Looking is fine, you don't have to always solve them. I understand about time constraints.


Smaller is better, Gail! I can hardly solve these big ones (OK, they're big to me, not 49 or the lovely 36's). Think small! 9:50 Thanks for the fun challenge!


I love your inventiveness, every day something surprising, it's always fun to come round to your place and discover what you have posted today, even though most of the days I just don't find the time to do them. :)) Thanks a lot for some fun around midday. :))


And I just want to report, that even though this wasn't posted in my good friend's favourite size, it was most enjoyable nonetheless!! :-DDD


Ahem! What the? I post an 81 piece (Octomom's size) EVERY time I post a 3x3. What's your story lady? Why aren't you posting your own 3x3's in your favourite size? Hmmmmm? You are very naughty. :-DDD

And I've seen your other puzzle and left a comment for you. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, my friend. xxxx


You're so welcome, Jill. If you see this message, I want you to know I love the play on words in your profile name - I'm assuming you mean the Julia Set of the Mandelbrot fractals.


Gail, this was a delight to solve! I love all the geometric shapes and your choice of colors. Thanks, my friend..... ~ Jill