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Friday Surprise Puzzle: KaleidoPlanets!! ~ Small

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Here's my Friday Surprise puzzle, where I have a bit of fun, playing with different effects and techniques!! The kaleidos in this puzzle are kaleidos made from images that I made myself. I made gradients, which I ran through a heap of filters, and then kaleido'd. And I placed them on a spacey kind of background, and then framed it.

I use a variety of programs to make my puzzles, and this one took around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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Hmmmm. Methinks there is a business opportunity for an enterprising soul! LOL Glad you like it so much you'd move, Mandy! :)))


I hope there is a good shuttle service between these planets - I want to live on them all Kirsten!! Thanks :~)


Thanks Rob! And I LOVE the sounds of your get-together. My sisters are my favourite people to go away with. And bush plus beach sounds perfect too. I'm insanely jealous. Can you squeeze one more in? LOL Enjoy!! :)))


What a pretty lot of planets Kirsten - love the colours!!
This time next Saturday we'll be in Tuncurry for a get-together with my sister & her family! It's down the coast about 6-7 hours drive, and we have a cabin for 4 nights. They have vans and there will be at least a dozen of us - so should be good fun!! We used to go there in the 60's for family hols with 2 other families, and being bush kids, we thought we were in 7th heaven going surfing every day!! School Hols is the only drawback - but we have to fit in with their plans as Deirdre (my sister) works in Admin at a school, and her daughter and grand-daughter have to take hols then too!! Still - we're really looking forward to seeing everyone and goin' fishin' and- maybe having a surf!! I'll just have to remember to use the camera:))


Thanks LJ! I'm really happy with how it came out too! I luuuuurve making this style!! :)))


These are really colorful and vibrant, Kirsten.


Nooooo!! Just for looking! Norty gal!


Thank you for the links...I'm off to solve!!! :)))


Oh, you're a naughty one! It was for looking, not for solving!! So just for looking, here are the other really different ones that I've made. Only one of them is this montage style, and the others are 3d cubes!

That's it for my really different stuff. You'll just have to keep an eye out for my Friday Surprise puzzles. Although I don't want to overuse the montage style. Well actually, I do. 'Cos I love making them so much. LOL But don't want people to get bored.


Well, I went to your links and solved the puzzles...I love them! Do you have more like this that I missed? If not, I hope you make A LOT more of them! :)))))


Thanks so much Deborah! I've played with this montage style a couple of times already for my Friday surprise puzzles, and really enjoy making them. I'm really pleased to hear that you like it. :)))

Here's a couple of others I made that you might like to have a squiz at:


Thanks Katie! I really enjoy making these ones. And I love that floaty effect too. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it. :)))


I absolutely love this, Kirsten! You outdid yourself this time!!! :)))))


You're still hanging in there Gail! Hold on............


This is a fantastic design Kirsten! I just love how the kaleidos are floating on the background. Thanks!

Ardy, so glad you're a bit better today. And most importantly that you can breathe better!!!


Oops, Edie pushed me down. Bad girl, Edie.

Ardy, I'm so happy you're doing better. I may sound a bit like Pollyanna, but that's my nature. So I'll say that it sounds like it could have been a whole lot worse for you, that you could have broken some bones. I hope you're not in too much pain, and by the time you read this tomorrow, you're doing even better than just now.


Thanks Shirley! It's funny how the look neon. The original image I created to make the kaleidos certainly doesn't look neon. And neither did the kaleidos themselves really. But I think it's the colour play, from placing them on that background, that makes it look that way.

I'm so glad you like it Shirley. And it doesn't bear thinking about it, does it, the amount of time we spend making puzzles! Shudder. LOL


Thanks Edie! And I think we should ALL pick our own favourite planets to live on. That would be fun!! And I hope that all is well in your part of the terrestrial world. :)))


LOL. I love that you made them into a family, Ardy. And that you enjoyed it. And that you popped in.

Now. I'm pleased to hear that you aren't feeling as bad as you thought you might. I do hope you went to the doctor anyway. But I suspect that you didn't take my advice! Naughty you! I guess, rest up and see how you go. But I would be happier if you were checked out by an expert.

Thanks for dropping in. I know Barb will be happy to hear from you too. And a bunch of people on your last puzzles. Take care, Ardy. Gentle ((HUGS))


Gorgeous neon kaleido's, Thank you so much for these Kirsten, I know exactly what you mean about the time it takes to create some of the puzzles, I do appreciate the time you put into these, Thanks again.


Perfect timing. Have been wondering how Ardy was doing today and now I have my answer. Thanks for letting us know Ardy. Wouldn't feel right being here without you. This is a really beauty Kirsten, which one is earth by the way, or do we get to pick. Thank you both for the nice Friday morning surprise :-))))


You're here!! Yippee!! Now I better read what you said, and reply. LOL


Good evening, Kirsten. This is so delightful. The one that first caught my eye was the top right corner one followed quickly by the lower right corner one. After solving - I'm rather slow this morning - I decided the little one in between is their baby and I love it too. It's a wonderful puzzle. I'll be back for bigger sizes sometime later. Thank you. I love this.

I had a good night and other than looking like I've been in a fight I seem to be OK. The nose is not as swollen and I can breathe through it. The scrape marks on top of the nose and on the forehead are very evident. I think I shall stay in today. I will need new glasses but I'm learning to work around those scratches until the nose isn't quite so touchy and I can have the frames adjusted after putting i a new lens. I was afraid I would be stiff and sore today but I'm not.

It didn't seem right not to come wish you a very good night with sweet dreams and send you your night night ((HUGS)). Thank you for caring.


Thanks Barb! I just popped back. :)))


Thanks Gail! I'm having a lot of fun playing with new (to me) techniques. Although, boy! Is it time consuming!! I spent hours and hours on concept puzzles, as I played with this idea. It didn't help that I scrapped a concept part way through. I wanted to make orbs, but it stretched the kaleido too much, and I lost a lot of the pattern. So I went with a flatter 3D look. I'll have to keep playing with that idea, and see if I can make it look better. And you're still in number two, ol' speedy fingers! :)))


Kirsten, left you a message in my reply to you on my puzzle. :-)


And look ~ right now, I'm second.


THAT IS SO COOL!!!! I loved the iridescent kaleidos and the swirly background. Just wonderful, Kirsten. Thanks so much for putting the effort into this one.


It's a pleasure John! And I can't wait to see your efforts with the drop shadow. I'm completely addicted to it. As you can see in this puzzle. LOL :)))


Good day Kirsten than you verymuch for you space Kaliedoscope puzzle John :~)) ps i'have srted the drop shadow effect Thank you again


Thanks so much, Sandi! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And happy plant relocating! :)))


Thanks Barb! I'm glad you like it. It might still be steaming a little, as I truly put the finishing touches on it, seconds before posting. In fact I was a few minutes late, because I was still working on it. Whew! LOL But I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)))

I have some catching up to do now, as I haven't "got out" to see what's been posted by my faves in the last 24 hours yet. Hopefully I'll make it to your place before I faceplant into my laptop. LOL And isn't it funny without Ardy here? Hope she's doing OK.


Lovely puzzle, Kirsten. I'm solving and signing off this morning. My houseplants want to come back inside since the nights are getting cool here. There are many of them and all need attention before they come inside.


Some very pretty planets here, Kirsten. Can't quite decided on a favourite. Thanks for your Friday surprise. :-)