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Fire and Water

49 pieces
63 solves
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Thanks, Gail. I'll try that. Today is very busy so I doubt I'll get to it. I have used both Pixlr and sumo. How do you put the frames on your puzzles?


Try fotoflexer for collages. You can go online and Google "free collage makers" and find some on there. I love sumo and pixlr for all the effects it can produce. It's easy to change the background color in both. Just bring up your image. To the left, you'll see the toolbar. At the bottom, you'll see black boxes. This is where you change the colors. Click on one of the black boxes and a color wheel will appear. Choose your color. Then, find the little paint bucket icon in the toolbar and click on the area you want to change the color for. Your new color will appear where you clicked. It's the same for sumo, only in sumo you only have two choices of color, whereas in pixlr you have six or seven.


I really like your puzzles, Gail. And yes, I would like to know how to make collages---and change the background color. Do you have a special program for that? Is there one on line that I can use for free?
Thanks, Gail.


#1 again !!!


Oooh, I love the texture on the background, Gail. And the folded down red corners. Thanks! :)))