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Ah well at least they showed a bit of interest


Nice bright puzzle, June. Thanks. We had one inquiry, but they have not replied back. No Jigidi name of course!!


we haven't so far had it in cattle but it was bad in sheep last winter. I do hope out remaining goat keeps well although she is a horrible pest and her sister was just the opposite


When I lived in Ireland they had trouble with fluke in the cattle from water snails. I hope your famers don't have that problem. They said the cattles' droppings drain into the river and infect the snails, which make the worms which the cattle ingest when they drink from the river. Our neighbour was always on about fencing off the river and keeping the field troughs in order for the cattle to drink from, but it hadn't happened when we left.


glad the move is over I thought your new house looked as if it would not be too difficult to handle and as we get older every bit of help is gratefully received. Also good that the garden is a mangeable size. Our goat field has a pond like that and last year our little goat died after ingesting fluke worms, they come from water snails. A lot of farmers lost sheep so they are just having cattle this year. We don't have anything very exotic here but some pretty little birds. Be good to see your house on Jigidi, when you feel well enough


Yes, we've been here almost three weeks now. i shall have to find my camera, get some batteries and post a few pics. Cannot find anything at present, but no doubt that will change. The other house has been re plumbed, I hate to think of what the bill will be. My youngerbrother just up from Wellington tonight, he is going to fix all the holes in the walls [made by plumber] and fill in the ditch for new water pipes.

The house is fine, but very small. Our old place was 3000+ this one 1230sq ft, it'll be better for my Len though, he won't have the two acres to garden. We have a huge 'ponding' area at the back of this section. Cannot be built out out as it floods, so we have Hawks, Pukekoes and ducks for neighbours, as well as the dreaded Spur-winged Plovers, such nasty, loud and vexacious birds, very territorial and imports to boot [not NZbirds] A new lamb born last week at the other land, a cute wee black one.

You look after yourself and let me know when you have another picnic, I'll do my best to be there:-)


thanks Phyllis I so hope you keep well, did you move house yet?


Hi June, hug most acceptable and I feel warmer already. here's one right back to you - Phyllis