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Flower Jungle Test

64 pieces
193 solves
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Then, Ms. whatnauts, you got an A+ too! LOL!


The jungle, no question about it :))))


Pat, you passed the test! I like this one better as well.
Ardy, you didn't take the test! You fail. I know you solved the other one and yet you didn't say which one you like better. Anyway, if you like the other one better you would still maybe that's why you didn't give your opinion. ;-)
Katie, you solved the other one too and didn't answer. So another failing grade.
Mandy, so far, you and Pat are the only ones who have received an A on the test.
Cheryl, thank you very much. You're lucky that you didn't solve the one I posted yesterday too. Only people who have solved both are required to take the test. LOL
whatnauts- I'm not sure what grade to give you. On the other one you said, and I quote you, "Terrific bouquet!!" So tell me, which is better, that or "....I love it."?


I hope this puzzle passes the test because I love it. A bouquet in the jungle :)


Thanks, Wendy!!!


Wendy this is one of the most stunning puzzles you have made, in my opinion. All the flowers are gorgeous, yet for me they have a lovely jungle feel - specially as some of them are coloured similarly to big cats!! The additional details of stalks just adds to the whole effect - I love it!! Thanks.


Oh, no...I kept getting lost in the jungle!


So very lovely, Wendy. What else can i say. I love it. Thanks for the creation and the posting. You do cultivate the loveliest flowers.


Are you testing us or the puzzle?! Whichever, this certainly passes MY test for a terrific puzzle! I like this arrangement better than the 3X3 (although the one from yesterday was very cool, especially since the flowers overlapped a bit), with the wider variety, more asymmetrical placement, and the stems and leaves, of course!