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Thank you so very much, naturelover. :-))))))))


This is a fantastic fun puzzle, I hope you will be healt, I pray for you with all of my heart. Thank you,
M. :-)))))))))))))


vetaide, no, I had carpal tunnel syndrome years ago and that was much worse than whatever I have now.
I did try a brace with my current problems but that didn't help. In fact, it was annoying. I've tried everything that's supposed to help that's over the counter, and nothing has worked so far. However, my hand problem might be worse if I wasn't taking the supplements I've been taking. Thanks for dropping by though. I like the idea of acupuncture, but I'll have to wait a bit. lol

Mandy, I'm glad it was fun. :-)

Magda, ohhhh, I've read so much stuff online, and I'd say that about 50% of the people who have had operations on their hand(s) are in worse shape after the operation. And then most of the remaining people say the operation helped a bit or there was no difference.

Don't feel sorry for me. A lot of people on Jigidi eventually get a problem with their hand(s) too. The only reasons why I ever mention it is because I want people to realize why I don't solve their puzzles- not even mine. When I leave a comment on someone's puzzle it's only because I really like that person's puzzle or because I want to encourage someone....especially someone who is new to creating puzzles. And I make my comments short on people's puzzles, and my responses on my own short the vast majority of the time. This is the grand exception. lol

I just looked up the most current stats I could find on US medically uninsured-
" According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2009 there were 50.7 million people in the US (16.7% of the population) who were without health insurance."
That was 4 years ago and I'll bet it's worse now. Since the Federal government is providing less aid to the states, states all over the US are dropping people from all kinds of help.

Some days my pain is minimal (especially when I dose up on painkiller) but I pay for it later on. lol
Don't worry about me! Thank you though. :-)


I am so sorry Wendy for all the difficulties you have. I also heard, that acupuncture is the best and safest treatement for your hand. There is an operation, but I know several people, where it did not help much. I did not know, that you can be without health insurance, here it isoligatory, and paid by the state, if you cann't afford it. I wish you all the Best my dear, sincerely, and quick recovery for your pain. Maybe the warmer weather will also help?


It was, thanks Wendy :~)))

Wendy, I read your last entry. Is it carpal tunnel? I had an office job and wearing a brace on my wrist overnight helped immensely. I'm not a great fan of Wal-Mart, but they have an amazing display of braces for hands, wrist, etc. in their Health & Beauty Dept.


Thank you, Edie. If I could, I'd be creating puzzles 24/7. I'm so addicted to the creation aspect now. I keep asking a friend of mine to trade- I'd give her my head (she gets lots of headaches- I don't), if she'd give me her hand. Her hand has never bothered her at all and she's solved and created lots of puzzles.


That's too bad Wendy. I'm sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you. Living in Canada I don't think about things like health insurance, however something like acupuncture would not be covered anyway. Too bad there's no income in designing and creating puzzles. You'd be all set.


We have next to no money and no health insurance. Actually we have enough money to last us a year or two more. But my husband can't find a job since he was laid off about 5 years ago- he's now too old to be considered a viable candidate for employment in the computer software field.

My mother is around 90. When she dies, there may be hope for me.


Have you ever thought of acupuncture. My sister used it for hand pain and has had some good results. So much so that she can play golf and tennis again. Just a thought.


Yes, that's the reason I stopped solving. I can't really explain it other than I used to love getting top spots but I used my hand differently and it was very stressful- my hand would tense up. With creating puzzles, my hand doesn't tense up and I can rest it whenever I feel like it. BUT, my hand was so damaged by solving puzzles (over a year ago), that even resting my hand now doesn't help that much. It becomes so painful sometimes that I can't create at all. Painkillers help, but then when it wears off, my hand hurts more than ever. I think taking a year off would help a lot, but I'm not willing to wait a year. LOL


I'm sorry to hear that Wendy. Is that the reason you no longer solve puzzles. Does resting it help or is it something other than strain that causes the pain.


Edie, this was meant to be your stress free puzzle of the day. My hand has been killing me so it's the only one I made last night. I might be able to find something else that's suitable to post for later on, but I'm kind of doubting it. lol


This was fun Wendy and the fact that the colours were all a shade different made this my stress free puzzle of the day. Thanks