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Floral Christmas Box

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Next month is a time many people here in NZ have a mid-winter Christmas dinner when all the traditional northern hemisphere Christmas fare seems more appropriate than in the middle of our summer :-). Angeline's creation


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Bev I gotta confess I'm giggling now as I continue to endeavour to acknowledge your lovely comments. What a marathon you have run :-0


So, thanks for sharing ❤️


Maureen so glad you enjoyed arrangement. Christmas Eve is great, we have to be flexible these days to what is going to be possible for all family to be together (3 daughter-in-laws with own families to work round) so can be Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, mid-meal or evening meal. Hugs


Totally with you Neville with celebrating on the right day but occasionally I did the special meal mid-winter as well for family but not these days as immediate family has got so big (19 of us) that there is always someone's birthday to celebrate! Cheers


Full credit to Angeline . We personally don't celebrate " Christmas in July."
but many Restaurants do. Good way to bring in business in the Winter.
We have a hot meal Christmas Eve and then salads and leftover meat.
Thanks Jill. ❤️❤️❤️


Jill, as Janet said, some Aussies do "Christmas in July". But, after 70 years of hot-weather Christmases, I think I'd find it very difficult to celebrate Christmas on a date other than Dec. 25th.
Lovely puzzle though - Angeline deserves full credit for this presentation. ♥♥♥


We all totally celebrate it on December 25th Lunie anything midwinter is just a meal, no gifts or any other festivities. (Though some do the fairy lights) At Christmas time it doesn't get dark until about 10pm so don't get full effect of lights, plus often hot so some choose to have BBQ, or picnics etc. A busy time of year as end of educational year, plus main holiday period so heaps of break ups etc and going on holiday.


Do you celebrate it too during Dec Jill?


Thanks Janet, interesting to know it happens in Oz too.


That is fabulous thanks Jill, yes some Aussies have "Christmas In July" too. Hugs to you. ♥


Thanks Iris :-)


Thanks Suzy, it does brighten the middle of winter.


!!◦•●◉✿♥☺♥ ◦•●◉✿


What a wonderful tradition (and a super creation)!!