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Love this place! I always like to zoom in and look at all the 'parts.' See the bicycle and the old push lawnmower, etc...Looks like a trailer court on steroids. Clever. Enjoyed every minute ...

Dang me. Oughta take a rope and hang me. I wanted to rent that little one on the second level with the orange stripe. Not much housekeeping and that sits well with us Southern Rednecks. Thanks for the information and thanks for the puzzle. A delight. Barry's Dad.

These are actually part of an outdoor theater set for the Theater het Amsterdam Bos, which is a Dutch theater group in Amsterdam. Who knew there were rednecks in Holland?

Just when you think you've seen everything . . . where is this located? . . . being a Southern Redneck (and a piece of sorry white trash), I'd like to go look at this sometime. G. Smith (Barry's Dad)