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Farm bell pull - Lantern & basket

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Have a good time, Dagmar, over the weekend. I'll post the last of this bell pull and we'll see if Hanne has anything to say about it. I do appreciate her comments and yours.


Guess those slacks need to go into the washer to get rid of Dog. LOL Enjoy Duncan and the beach today We'll survive one day without you - probably.


Hi Ardy, your place is very interesting and full of stories as always. I have used a rake like this many time in my life and as far as I know they still make them the same, even nowadays, the wooden ones are perfect for raking hay and grass without getting stuck. The metal ones are no use. :))
Thanks for some entertaining moments, have a nice weekend and see you on Monday. :))


It sounds like you had a lovely day, Ardy. I'm so glad. And how funny about the dog. And shame that it's put off Fluffy. Drats.

I'm off to bed now, so see you on my morrow. :)))


Kirsten, So glad to see you. We had a lovely dinner. You would have enjoyed it. Part of the family are vegan and the rest vegetarian. There were so many items on the table that I didn't even get to try them all. I finished off with teeny pieces of pumpkin and apple pies. Desserts are not on my things I may eat list!!!

What was funny was that they have a big, friendly dog. I don't know what kind. They let her in after dinner was over. She came right to me and started sniffing, than nosing, and finally licking my pant leg around the knee where the cat had been sitting a couple of days ago. Tonight the cat started sniffing the same knee and decided to get down and go back outdoors.

Thanks for coming by today. Enjoy your last full day at the beach. Here are some have a great day thankful hugs. ((HUGS))


Thanks, Robbie. I have learned a lot about this today that I did not know. Appreciate your adding to Hanne's information. I love the way everybody helps everybody in Jigidiland.


I just wanted to swing by to see how your Thanksgiving went, Ardy. I see that you're around on Jigidi at the moment, so I take it you are home again. Either that, or you're in the home office of your friends, using their computer! LOL I hope you had a good time. :)))

And look! There's a story with today's needlepoint! Yippee! Thanks Ardy and Hanne. :)))


Hi Ardy, to add to Hanne's info, this rake is based on the traditional Haywainers pattern of a wide head with wooden dowels and metal or wooden stays making the head sturdy with the handle. It was used to gather straw, hay or grass.
Very interesting puzzle as I used to sell solid brass light fixtures like this one but electrified,. Thanks, hope you enjoyed your dinner.


Hanne, Thank YOU for the explanation. I never recognized this as a rake. I thought it was some kind of frame for the lantern. Those who have been missing your stories will be delighted to see you and read what you've got for us today. I wrote a reply to your comments earlier and just realized that I forgot once again to post them. So sorry. It's delightful to have this partnership with you. And now there is wheat? !!! LOL


You are welcome, Ank. Last section of this bell pull tomorrow.


Barb, Thank you. Yes, it was and I learned a little discipline as well. :-)


Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks again


By the way, I think you have got some wheat here!! Thanks again!!


You are SO right especially when it comes to counting threads in fine linen like this!! The things shown here are very intereting, the basket may be made of bark or shavings, it doesn't look as if it's made of willow branches, and the rake is very funny!! If it's very old it's handmade on the farm all the way through and the teeth are cut in wood too and fit into the long piece of wood. I've read, that in the long dark winter evenings they repaired things like these, cut new teeth and put them in!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


It was worth all the trouble in the end, Ardy. Lovely work. Thanks. :-)


Thanks, Pat. Happy Thanksgiving.


Another beautiful piece. Thanks Ardy


This is the place where I learned the hard way not to work when one is tired. Note the crossbeam and handle on the lantern. I remember wanting to get that section started before gong to bed on a Saturday night. I counted the threads correctly but from the wrong point. I was ready to start the lantern when I realized that it was (I think) 8 stitches too far right and 6 stitches too far down. It took longer to carefully remove what I had done than it had to put it in. I dreamed all night of pulling out stitches and was absolutely exhausted come Sunday morning. Never again did I work past bedtime!!