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Cute Tin Tea Sets!! ~ Mariasha, Jan and Katie`s Favourite

49 pieces
94 solves
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Yep, Katie! They are finally seeing the light! And it's orange coloured!! LOL. And I'm so glad you enjoyed it, although it was only meant for looking, not doing. :))))


Oh! Fabulously fantastic! And it seems that the OFC may have gained a few new members from this one.


Well of course!! You chose it!! And you have excellent taste, don't you know. LOL



Thanks Dagmar! And more fun today, when my guests arrive! I can't wait! :)))


I like the new colour and it's nice to see that you are having lots of fun during your holidayl :))


Aaaaah! I see!! A norange! I love it. I have a whole new vocab for colours. Ardy calls yellow, lello. You call orange, norange! Then there's blurple! Someone needs to publish a Jigidi Dictionary!! LOL


Kirsten, when I was a tiddler I always thought an orange was "a norange"! It's just a throwover from my childish days.....never too far away! LOL


Oh, you big gloater, you! It's the first bad day I've had, and next week will probably be hot enough to swim! Will it be hot enough to swim where you are? Huh? HUH?? LOL

And what were you doing awake so early you could see the starry sky? I thought I was getting up early at around 7am. But you beat me there too! LOL Although, how beautiful to see your favourite stars. Sigh.

And OF COURSE, it's the best one. :-DDD


Kirsten - you don't want to hear about shirt-sleeve and bright sunshine-y weather, do you. Our coast in NOVEMBER and no coat!!! Un-Be-LIEV-ABLE!! (gloating just a tad, here). We woke up this morning to a totally dark sky just filled with stars and our favorite constellation! What a trip. I even found time to wave at you!!!

Loved this puzzle - - of course it is the best one! :D)))


You're most welcome. Robbie!! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. And, just to give you an update, it's Jigidi weather here in Lorne. Probably around 16 degrees, and raining. So the final touches have been put on my week-end puzzles, as I'll have company and can't be on the computer while they're here. Duncan's coming down, along with my sister and a girlfriend. It'll be a full house, for a compact 2 bedroom apartment!! But fun. I can't wait. :)))


I like the orange Kirsten, nice puzzle, thanks.


Aww, thanks Hester!! But I have to ask. Is norange a new colour or effect I've never heard of? An Irish or Welsh term? Or a typo? LOL


Oh, Mandy! The glasses! What was I thinking, not letting people know they would need them?! Stupid, stupid brain! LOL


Threedee, twodee, onedee...I just love 'em! And this norange one is a treat! Thanks kirsten :-))


I'm sure you can find a bit of flexibility in your standards, and maybe only post 3D ones as a special treat!! Your puzzles are all so lovely even if they don't go 3D, and not everyone will have the proper glasses to view the 3D ones anyway!!! LOL :~)


It's fantastic, isn't it Mandy. I've come to prefer to make kaleidos that give that effect. Which has made it even harder to come up with new ideas for my themes! Their are zillions of flat images out there I could kaleido, but not quite so many with the shadow that creates the 3D. Oh, why do I have to make it so hard for myself? Stupid standards!! They're over-rated I reckon LOL.


Love the 3D effect on this one, Kirsten, thanks.


Thank Ardy! I wish Katie could see it. I don't know what's become of her, and hope she's OK.


For orange that's quite a nice one. Thanks Kirsten.


Ha! I'm over at your place! I've just finished 6 out of 8. Two more to go. And on the first one, I left an apology. I meant to email you today - sorry I didn't get to it. Tomorrow is an absolute promise. :)))


Good evening, Kirsten. How goes it on your side of the pond? I see yet another wonderful series. Here I go to work on some of them.