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Buttoned up Origami! (medium)

81 pieces
125 solves
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Thanks so much, Kirsten! I do know that we think alike. We do have to make what makes US happy, too. I adore your puzzles and always will. One of the reasons why is because of the wonderful detail that you make happen!


Given how lovely all these are, Jan, I'm gobsmacked that I have some faves. But I do! The two yellows are gorgeous. I think it's partly 'cos I can see so much of the folded paper. Thanks for this one, it's a delight.

And I too, notice that the simplest patterns, and bright or typically "pretty" colours get the most solves. Ah well.


Barb - It is always nice when they fall into place, isn't it? Thank you so much!

Hanne - You are so sweet! Thank you.

Mariasha - the nice thing about Jigidi is that we can be greedy and keep them all to ourselves! Thanks! LOL

too tough to pick a them all! Thanks Jan.


Ohhh, aren't they BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Very nice, Jan. I anticipated it being a little harder but for some reason the pieces feel into place quite well. Thanks for a fun puzzle. :-)


Ardy - I think sometimes the more detailed ones are harder. I really prefer making the most detailed kaleidos possible, but I notice that the simpler ones always get the most solves. Thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you liked these! :D


Jan, I didn't think something this pretty would be quite this much of a challenge. I started to ;pick a favorite but ended up choosing almost all of them. Beautiful kaleidos and wonderful colors. Thanks so much.