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Doll - Morag McTavish

24 pieces
63 solves
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Morag resides on the dining room window sill!


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Hi Ardy - Well New Kitty doesn't seem to take much notice of my dolls so far. My other cat, Connie, used to love curling up with them! I am hoping to post some puzzles of New Kitty soon - she is settling in well and is a quick learner - using her scratching post, gritbox, etc. but is a bit of a nightmare with food - obviously been fed off plates and given crisps out of the packet as she goes mad for the smell and tries to lick fingers. It will take a while to train all that out of her, but I'm confident she'l get there once she realises she gets fed regularly and isn't going to starve!


Delightful little Scottish lassie. Thanks, Nicky. What does the new cat think of all the dolls?