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Ames, Iowa....

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We're about to the next corner here, by this huge old building. There is alot to see here. The thing that grabs my eye is that old cast iron fire escape ladder on the side of the building. It is cool how the bottom section is up, and when you step on it, the big counterweight allows the steps to go on to the ground. When you step off, it goes back up. Woah, what is that just down the side street....


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There will be a close up of the hydrandeas next Robyn! I like that sculpture, too. Thanks!


Ah - the white Hydrangeas looks great all lined up, and there's so much to look at here Dave! I do like that dinky little sculpture near the flagpole!


I almost missed you Cathy-I would never want to do that! You would know the French flag-I wish I knew what was on that corner. Alot of this area of the Us was settled by Scandanavians, which is why the barns in Iowa are different.


I always like your comments, Don. I wonder if the brown pole is actually a water line to get water UP to the roof in case of fire. There are quite a few window AC's so they may be apartments on the upper floors. The ladder to the roof might be to congregate people to one location
to get them off if all the rooms are separated on the upper floors.

Yes BrightSky, I hadn't noticed that distinction, either.

Its good to hear of stability or growth in your area as well roseheather. And thats a great point about the street lights.

SSShhhh.....Maria! :)

Thanks Sandy for looking.


Thanksfor looking Beekay, at the mid-west.

Your welcome Toto. It is a good thing to see some town that have held on-I'm sure having a university makes a difference! Good to see you.


I love the big old building and the wonderful planters. Can't wait to see what is down the side street.


Did you have a nice ride on the stairs? Very interesting.


It takes a picture, or at the very least more than one look-see/pass-thru to gather all the detail in new surroundings. An interesting town. I have been seeing the incorporation of planters, and art and preservation on the old downtown buildings in towns in my area also.

Great street lights, because they shine the light down by way of the dome shaped shades.

My son has a thing about street lights that illuminate the sky, and has done some study of various lighting fixtures for towns and cities.


Great picture of a wonderful old building!! Thanks Dave. I love the fire escape too and the flag of France is interesting. Perhaps there is a French consulate nearby.


dondi's right - the "carved" piece is not part of the street light. That helps! - thanks, dondi


I think the "carved" piece which rises out of the brick base is just a feature - notice there's another on the other side of the road, and the light pole is simply behind it. The fire escape draws my attention because of the strange pole/gutter? extending to the roof, where there's a swimming-pool-style pair of supports. I've no idea what this is - a fire pole to slide down for people who escape to the roof (the fire escape doesn't go up above the 4th floor)?

I also noted the novel planter - it looks like it has a cactus??? And I like the cute sculpture at the base of the flagpole.


I love these mid-west university towns like Ames. They seemed to have saved their down towns and enliven them with sculpture and interesting stores. Thanks for a lovely tour so far.


There is a lot going on here. But must be something more down the road that's more exciting that has caught your eye....


I like the little sculpture too, BrightSky. The little planters are there for personal viewing while your standing and waiting to cross the street. They're better up close, but point taken. The stanchions would be for pedestrian safety from cars--I hadn't even noticed them. And I agree, the fire escape is a classic thing! Thanks for your comments.


I like the near corner - nice, small sculpture and the (purple) streetlight is interesting. It rises from a "carved" cylinder, though the base doesn't seem quite the thing for this piece. The plant next to the...are those things called stanchions? The plant seems out of place (in contrast to the big-big planters across the intersection) - too much stuff going on. Good thing you went...I probably wouldn't have noticed the counterweighted fire escape, which I'm delighted to see now that you've pointed it out. Thanks.


I would like to know what that thing is prop up aginst the pole on the right.