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Little Leaves

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Thank you Mary - I enjoyed your comment! If there had been green or various fall colored leaves - I would not want snow either. Now,in november, most of the trees have no leaves at all, the remaining leaves are gry-black-brown. When it rains (almost daily), it gets kind of dreary. Darkness hits around 5pm. There are evergreen trees. So when the snow comes - it brightens everything up - and we enjoy the winter outdoor activities. So you live in a 'different world'.


Such sharp contrasts to make the leaves come alive! Hope you get your snow, though I can't imagine anyone wanting that stuff. Heck, we don't even have anything but green leaves! LOL 4:20 Love the boards. Thanks, PJ!


Oh Dohun, I'm grateful for your comment. I like being creative - and so do you! So interesting that you live in Madrid. I visited there years ago in mid summer, Yes it was hot. Very interesting city and so much fun food, and the Shangria... We've had some snow, which rained away. With the colored leaves gone, we may as well get some snow - at least it looks nicer / brighter.


Falling leaves, this reminds me of this morning when we went out to see the autumn which is at its peak here in Madrid at the moment, everything shining in yellow, golden, or red. .)) I suppose at your place you might already have had your first snow.

Thanks for an entertaining afternoon here at your place. I've seen many more wonderful puzzles as I was able to do, but I have to tell you that I love your creativity you have got so many different things and one more beautiful and orignal than the other.


Thank you Jan - such a descriptive and enjoyable comment. Thanks again.


Those leaves have so much shiny texture to them. That is so great! And I really like the top and bottom wavy edges, that adds to the 3-D as well!

Another good one, PJ!! Thanks so much!!
2:24 (a tie for the top.......for now!)