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Deeply, Darkly... (Smaller)

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203 solves
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Thanks, Jan--sorry it took so long to reply, but I now have bronchitis, and I haven't been commenting since I posted yesterday morning. I just hope to catch up, post new ones, and then go back to sleep. I'm glad you liked this--I tried to keep it interesting by making different patterns, as you say!


As to your puzzle - I really liked that you not only varied the colors, but the designs as well. Thanks so much, Pat.
No solve time - with our Internet connection at the beach, the time is too long to post. I would be very embarrassed! LOL (but true)


It's a shame,because, even if you can't read the words, you can read the numbers, and it's much more welcoming and friendly to see that 100 people liked your puzzle (and showed you by solving it) than 1 or 2...... Darn, I hope it works!


Yes, I think I remember that one....I've mentioned it once or twice before as well, but with no you say, they might not even look at the comments.....


I tried to help someone once before who didn't speak English (I've helped those who do, too--you'd be surprised how often even old pros accidentally click on that--usually after they type in the title, where the "make this available" box pops up right under that line, and doesn't look as if it's been checked. Unfortunately, checking it again makes it filtered!.....), and figured out the language from the words in titles, but even using Google to translate some simple phrases about filters didn't help. I think these people don't get many comments, because of the languages, and so don't bother to check for them... At least this person hasn't given up--the other one stopped posting after a page or two of virtually no solves...


It's a shame when people do that (post filtered).......As you say, it's probably a language thing, but the photos are the type that would get a lot of solves, which is always more satisfying.......


I have a copy of the book of his poems that contains that one (Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening--I think), and I love it--I'm glad this title reminds you of something so lovely! Thanks, Barb!


I just saw a puzzle by this person, and it had so few solves that I checked the profile, and it turns out there are pages and pages of nice puzzles all the same way, because they were posted filtered! I'm sure that was by mistake, and I left a comment about it, but my guess, from the titles, is that this person doesn't speak English. It might be a Slavic language...I'm not sure. If anyone reading this can speak one, could you please just check some of the puzzles and, if you recognize and speak that language, leave a short note explaining the same thing I did? Thanks so much! The puzzles deserve a much wider viewership!


The title reminds me a little of one of my favourite poets, Robert Frost, who wrote 'the woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.' Love the colours of these swirls, Pat, thanks! :-)