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Harry, TC and Nell

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No, they were adorable. We had Nellie for 18 years, Harry for 20 years and TC for 22 years. Nellie wouldn't be picked up. TC didn't like it much either, but Harry was something else. He just loved to be picked up and would happily sit in your arms for as long as you could hold him! Millions of happy memories they have given me. Thanks for stopping by cevas, appreciate it :))


What a great picture!! I can see how you couldn't leave one of these behind!!!


Three little bundles of fun and trouble lol! Glad you're on the mend, aggie - burns can be very painful.


Aggie we don't BBQ - Mrs Major calls me in from the garden to get my food - it's safer unless you tread on the rake


pattyanne - did you see this one -


Ouch aggie - and I bet you said - oh heck :))
Well I've missed you, glad you are back in circulation.
Love your tulips too, gorgeous colours, my favourite.


I'm sorry aggie I didn't know you had had an accident, hope you are on the mend. Yes, Harry and Nellie looked similar though they were different colours. TC had long fur and looked different but they were all from the same litter. They were rescue kittens from the RSPCA. The first cat out of the cage was Nell, then there was Harry and the assistant said there were three in the litter though we couldn't see another kitten. When the assistant moved the water bowl, there was TC hiding. We just couldn't split them up and leave her behind so we took the three. Harry got called 'aitch' or 'H', Nell was Nellie, and TC got Tiddy. They were great cats, fabulous friends and companions too. :))


Thanks pattyanne, no I can't either. I'm a pushover where cats are concerned :))


Thanks Aggie, yes, they were extremely cute. Harry is the little brown one at the top, TC is the one on the left, and Nellie has the ball which had a bell inside. They were brother and sisters though they don't look like it do they ?

Can't resist kitten pictures.


Yes - smiling at the memory of all those years of fun they gave :o)


Here begins 20 years of fun