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Where would we be without the humble battery? Take a moment to consider how many of your household items use batteries - from cars to remote controls and hand-held devices. Battery Day is all about celebrating and recognising just how important the simple battery is to our way of life.

People have been getting a real "charge" out of batteries for centuries. Benjamin Franklin came out with the name "battery", however the "modern version" was created by Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist and pioneer. Battery Day commemorates his birth on this day back in 1745.

Volta died on March 5, 1827, but the battery continued to evolve. French physicist Gaston Plante invented the first rechargeable battery in 1859 and Waldmar Jungner invented the first nickel-cadmium battery in 1899.

And speaking of batteries - today serves as the perfect reminder to check or change the batteries in those life-saving devices like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.


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no prob, whatnauts ;~)


Thanks for the explanation, monza!!


Thanks PJ - I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. It cannot think of much that would be more frustrating than not being able to use my mouse. I still have a USB mouse, so no danger of that happening here!


whatnauts, I did wonder if that item in the top row would be familiar with everyone. It's a battery health sign, which is supposed to indicate how much power is left in the battery. On my mobile phone it's all in green, but apparently on a Mac you can get the coloured sign.

LOL - I'm glad you noticed the Jigidi products... their future is dependent on further negotiation!! Thanks for visiting, and adding your fun to the comments :~)


Mandy - thank you so much for bringing yet another interesting, useful and wonderful reminder. I remember an evening when my battery driven mouse ran out of power . . . . .
Cute and fun puzzle. (And I love your orange background.)


Thank goodness for batteries - they have made our life so much easier, even though it is a pain when they run out at inconvenient times and send us searching for replacements.

At the risk of embarasing myself (once again!!), what is the colourful red yellow and green item in the top row????

Also, I love your new line of Jigidi items - will any of them be available to puzzle solvers soon???? LOL


Ardy, that's so funny... I realised the map was a typo and made it into something completely different. Perhaps we should get our inventive hats on!!!


Oh Katie, watch batteries are terrible, I must have 3 watches that need new batteries, but the cost of the replacement battery can be more than the cost of another watch off the market stall!! My daughter used to be able to open the backs with a razor blade, but they are not so easy to come by these days either!! I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle and the info though, thanks :~)


Thanks for that Edie, I do know how harmful they are and try to keep used batteries separate from the rest of the trash... it's good that so many shops now provide boxes to collect used batteries which makes their disposal so much easier. (at least in the UK they do) :~)


That floor map was supposed to be a floor lamp. I'd love a mop that worked on batteries and without me. LOL


Thanks for the great puzzle and fascinating history Mandy! I better check my battery supply to be sure I have some for those important implements. The ones I always am annoyed about most are watch batteries. Since I don't have an appropriate tool to open the back of a watch so I have to go to a professional for replacement.


Very fun and informative puzzle and I just want to add that it's important to take used batteries to a recycling depot. They contain heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel all of which are harmful to the environment when dumped in landfill. Thank you.


Thanks Ardy - when we go camping we could not manage without battery operated lights etc. That floor mop sounds like a good idea... can it mop all by itself - LOL!!


Had to change one in a clock yesterday and realized that AA batteries needed to go on the grocery list. Thank you again for all your research and creative presentation of these special days. I even have a fan that runs on batteries and a small floor map. Both of which came in handy during a power outage last summer. Hope you have a supercharged day.


Thanks Pat - I know my laptop has a battery, but I didn't know that PCs have one! Well done for letting us know :~)


Thanks Magda, I'm please you find them interesting - I nearly put in a mouse, but knew that all Jigidi people would appreciate the batteries in the equipment that enables them to use Jigidi! I so agree with you, without Jigidi life would be very dull!! As a kid, amongst other things, I read lots of books, did lots of wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles and built and played with a train set!! I also did lots of craft activities... including making lace!


Mandy you forot the most important one ... the computer... I don't think people realize there is a battery in the internal part of the computer.... Had to change one a few years a go... with out that one no Jigidi... Love it thanks for a great puzzle today ...


I agree, your "who knew" puzzles are very educational and interesting.
The battery I would miss the most, is the one in my mouse. Without mouse, no jigid, no life, no pleasure!!! What the heck did we ever do as kids without PC and Game-stations?
Thanks Mandy, you seem to spend a lot of time on research and "construction" of your puzzles.


Thanks Barb - I learn new things from people's comments too, so it's a win/win for me!!


Thanks Rosie - I find the same problem... and no "kids" in the house anymore, yet they still disappear. How lovely that your grandson lives close enough to pop in... even if he finds your batteries!!


brightspark - what an appropriate name for today's puzzle!! Thanks for visiting, it's great to see and "hear" from you :~)


Wendy, the "kids" must have a battery detecting device... I wonder if it needs batteries to run?? It's the battery in my cell phone and in my laptop that I would miss the most...


Another great Who Knew puzzle, Mandy. I can always count on learning something new, not only from your puzzles but also from the comments. Thanks for all the research you do to put these puzzles together each day. Really appreciate and enjoy them. :-)


Another one of those things we take for granted until we run out. And you are absolutely right we or at least I never wondered or think about where they came from. I too keep a supply of the common ones for my electronic backup systems and live alone so always wonder where they go. I now have a grandson who has found every stash and lives close enough and goes to school a few blocks from my house that he pops in whenever. I'm going to have to find new hiding places. Thanks for this great and informative puzzle. I sure need them.


Mandy, maybe that's my problem. I buy all different sizes so there's always a size the 'kids' can use. I even hid a bunch of my batteries in the back of one of my office desk drawers, a place where I'd never had them before. But the kids located them within a week. LOL
We couldn't live without batteries. Imagine not having flashlights.


thx, that was fun!


Gosh Wendy, we were both here at the exact same time!! I know that feeling... I have lots of batteries in the house, but can never find the right size at the right time... and the ones in the TV remote only ever seem to last a few days!! I need to get better at recycling them in the "proper" place. The most fiddly are the ones for Dad's hearing aids!! I'm chuffed you love the puzzle! Thanks :~)


Lillyjean, first - a warm welcome, as I don't believe I've "met" you before :~)
second - many thanks for stopping and leaving a comment. I was surprised at how long ago batteries were invented myself... I'm always learning new things from my Jigidi "hobby/addiction"!!


I LOVE your puzzle, Mandy. But batteries drive me nuts in my house. I buy batteries- my kids steal them- I buy more batteries- the kids steal more batteries from me. It's a vicious never-ending cycle.
Yes, we go through around 200 batteries a year.

Bit like electricity.I had no idea it was that long ago that it was invented.Thanks for delightful puzzle.