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Georgie with the longest tail

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How is it that poorly kitties shrink but their tails still stay the same?


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Sometimes I think some people have not reached the state of 'being' but are human 'becoming' And then there are those who, in this life, will never achieve that status either.


At least I can read this one without crying. But my heart still breaks for all the poor, little waifs that humankind is "un"kind to.

WOW! That's a tail. You told us that it was long but I still wasn't expecting it to be that long. Georgie is so cute and I love his colors. It's sad that he had to be so ill. Glad he had his little short time with you. I know you loved him as much as possible. Thanks for sharing his photos and story.

Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful story.


Thank you - and I am sure you would have done the same. there is just something in a little cat that touches that spot in your heart and you melt..


Thank you for this 2nd picture of Georgie . . . that is certainly one helluva tail.
Although you can see she was a very poorly cat her eyes seem to be saying thank you for caring.
Thank you for sharing these pictures and Georgie's story and thank goodness that there are people like you who care . . . :D)