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Styggforsen, Dalarna, Sweden!

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Styggforsen means the very bad fall!!! Honestly, there wasn't much waterfall when we went to see it, but WHEN there is water in it, it's said to be fabulous!! I do believe it!! You must imagine water roaring down all over the rocks, deep down, then it is the Styggforsen.


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Indeed, Jan! Thanks so very much!!

If you want to commit suicide this is a good place really. No, I would rather take the ride than jump out from here!! You shouldn't climb it either, the stone is rotten!! Thanks so very much PG!!


Hanne if you fell off this it would be a very bad fall indeed. This is a lot worse then your water ride for kids. But like the other one it has possibilities.


I can see how it got it's name!! Wonderful photo! Thanks, Hanne!


Thanks so very much Jo!! Waterfalls have to be taken the way they are - sometimes a lot of water, sometimes almost none!!


Beautiful in its natural state!! I can visualize the beauty of its rushing waters, and hear its roar!!
Thankyou both for showing us!! :) :)


There was a rather short path that took you a little up and down so you could experience the very special nature. It was a fine walk indeed!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!

I think it would, Jana, and perhaps we wouldn't have been able to walk so much as we were now!! Thanks so very much!!

Yes, Sandy, the landscape itself is splendid, but water in it would be fabulous!! Thanks so very much!!


It's beautiful without the water, but I can imagine it with the water. Thanks Hanne.


It must be overwhelming when there is water, thank you Hanne for a wonderful story and beautiful picture.


Yes, I can imagine it full of rushing water, throwing up sprays and making lots of sound. I'm sorry it wasn't doing it for you. Thanks, Hanne. It's a lovely area.