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Sea escape

48 pieces
170 solves
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Lots of S nouns made with the letter S - how many can you find??


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Thanks whatnauts and Dagmar :~)

The only ones missing were the starfish and the extremely stylised squid!!!! Although they may have been hiding as a sunflower or seahorse??

I'm glad you had fun solving it :~)


I love your imagination this was a fun way to draw the beach and even more fun to solve it. :)) Thanks Mandy.


Well, I didn't find any esses that weren't already mentioned, but the puzzle was super fun. Thanks very much.


Thanks Katie - good time too :~)

Tootierasmussen - I love that you're counting the letters!!! Thanks!!

PJ - thanks - I'm delighted you enjoyed my S-cape from reality... to dream of Summer!!

Pat - I love your "noun" of "splendid", and you spotted the "seagulls"!! It took a while, but I had such fun with this one - so I'm delighted you and the other commenters have all enjoyed solving it, thanks :~)


I love tootie's take on the question! LOL! As far as actual words go, I'd add seagulls--and splendid! Such a wonderfully creative puzzle--amazing how lovely the designs are you were able to make with a letter!


Mandy - love it: design, idea, colors and - thanks for a 'happy summer dream'.


More than 85, probably about 100!


Great puzzle Mandy! I see surf, sand, sun, seashells and sailing! There could be a seahorse and a sunflower in there too.