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As my mum would say, "When it's black, it's done..."

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I loved the story of your mum - it made me smile too. The person I share my house with is great at cremating food fortunately my mum was a great cook. She passed away on 7/7/70 - who says 7 is a lucky number? She would have been 90 last week and though I miss her after all these years I have not had to see her get old and have wonderful memories especially of her cream buns!


Brie, I have to comment on this! My mom ALWAYS burned the bread!!! And I mean ALWAYS! It was a joke in our house when I was growing up. Mom always had two loaves to put into the oven to make garlic bread, because she knew it would happen. After the first was "nicely" charred, and the second was put in the oven, then my sister and I would watch over it. It came out just fine then. We always joked about it and my mom would laugh with us. Thank you so much for bringing back such a wonderful memory for me! I lost my mom 20 years ago last November and still miss her...and the rest of us still laugh about her burning the bread! It's still a family joke and I think she still laughs with us! Thanks so much, Brie!! :)))))))

Brie1648 was garlic bread and I'm afraid to say, on incineration Richter Scale, it was about a 9.5! I have to confess that the little uncharred bits were quite tasty!! LOL!!


Scrape it off and add some butter! :)