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You're exactly right, chilisand. Men are still discouraged from the nursing field even though there are lots more of them than in the past. Whoa! I just looked it up to make sure I was right:
So I am!
We've come a long way when it comes to accepting females as doctors. Someday, I think most discrimination in all areas will almost disappear altogether.


A lovely puzzle, Wendy, thank you. And you are spot on about the subtle discrimination in some fields...cuts both ways, men are disuaded from nursing (that's changing, but still....)


Mandy, my guess is that most females are discouraged from becoming engineers. And even if they get a degree, and even if they excel, my guess is that they're still not taken as seriously males.


For some reason my previous comment is not here... apart from thanking you, Wendy, for the puzzle, I mentioned that when my oldest daughter (now 26) wanted to do a subject at school called "Resistant Materials", the school tried very hard to dissuade her, and told her it was more suited to boys than to girls. She (and I) were persistant that she should be allowed to attend those classes, and eventually the school did allow her to... and she did well. But I do wonder how many potential female engineers are dissuaded from pursuing such subjects whilst still at school??


It's nice to meet you, Real_Live_Retired_Engineer. I would imagine that the hardest part of becoming an engineer in the construction field would be just getting accepted by the males (not being passed over because of gender). Like I mentioned previously, the more female engineers, the better. Get back to work! lol

Hey Wendy13: Love these puzzles. In answer to your question a while back, yes I am a real, live engineer. Well I used to be, I am now retired from engineering and doing something else part time. Worked in construction for 25 years and have a Professional Engineering license. I too wish more girls would go into engineering but it is still a tough field for women especially in construction.