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For Tex & chookies: Real snow

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The view from my sister's front deck...frozen lake with snow mobile tracks.


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It's too long a winter for me, Monica. They were still getting a heavy snowfall (16 inches) making it treacherous to drive yesterday along the Coquihalla Highway...and we had the sunroof open...snow tires off today! :)))

P.S. That little cabin across the lake was used for about three days to film one of the Twilight least that's what we guesstimated based on the dates and what movies were being produced in BC.


Absolutely incredible! So very beautiful, oh how I wish we could live in a place like this!


He lives in Vancouver and from photos I've received it looks as if his house is high up overlooking North Vancouver and also has a wonderful view of the snow covered mountains. You know, I can't even get my head around those temperatures you've been talking about - I can't even find minus 53 - it's not even on my converstion chart. Wow, I don't know how you survive that weather! Our heat lasts from December right through to April but our summers seems to be getting hotter over the last few years but this is one has started off with a vengence!


We live on the Fraser River in Vancouver and don't see much, we'll just wear shoes when we head over to Burnaby and wonder where all the white stuff came from. LOL

Does your brother live in North or West Vancouver? They see lots more snow there.

It usually starts to snow in October at my sister's and the last of the ice doesn't disappear from the lake until May. They can't plant their gardens until the May 24th weekend and don't have a long enough growing season to plant tomatoes. Too long a winter for me! The temperatures have become milder over the years...thirty years ago it actually hit 53 below one could hear the sap bursting the trees like rifle shots. Now it might hit 20-25 below at night and maybe stay around for a few days but during the day it's usually around minus 4-8 at present and is not uncomfortable.

I don't know how you survive your high temperatures. How long does it last...weeks? months?

After a few gray days it's sunny here today...and surprise, I just heard/watched a sea plane take off in front of our place! Faye :D


My brother from Vancouver rang yesterday and was telling me about the amount of snow they've been getting this winter, gemstone - he's just about over it because he has a large area that must be shoveled. He thinks he may book a holiday to Florida to get away from it all and here I am melting in 45(C) 113(F) heat. It's hard for me to imagine all this snow and extremely cold weather! Thanks for posting those beautiful pictures. LOL


You are welcome, Jana. This is located near the middle of British Columbia, Canada. :)))


Thank you for the photo beautiful place, snow just got here :-))