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Wednesday's Flowers Falling Over

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LOL :~)


Mandy, you drive me nuts. Enough said. ;-)

Ardy, yes, I'd love to have some help. Could you please come with stakes and steaks? No, mistakes about it, stakes and steaks would be nice.

Mariasha, that's too bad. I know how disappointing it can be to have flowers die.

whatnauts, if I stopped feeding my flowers alcohol they would complain. I think these flowers broke into the liquor cabinet and drank more than they should have.


Wendy, if you stopped giving your flowers vodka, they wouldn't get tipsy :))))

I don't have a good place to put them, and I felt they might have harbored some unseen disease for the way they performed was so I didn't want to bring that to someone else's garden.


Wendy, Do you need help in staking up your flowers? Maybe I could send someone to help. We don't want anything to happen to your unusual flowers now. Thanks, Wendy, A fun puzzle.


LOL - I was just looking at this and I can see 2 people playing a xylophone!! They're not flowers at all... just look alike xylophone mallets - making beautiful music!!


Mariasha, what do you mean by saying you dumped them? Did you actually throw them in the trash? Why not replant them outside? Occasionally we have flowers that looked dried out (flowers from bulbs) but the following year they look fine and dandy.

I was given a couple narsisis bulbs, already planted for my windowsill...but the weirdest thing happened...when the blooms opened, they were already dried out. As you might remember, I'm a plant geek, so I knew what I was doing..and didn't under or over water...but to no avail. I just dumped them this morning...and looked in the soil to see if I could determine why they didn't fulfill their flowery wonderfulness...but everything looked who knows? Meanwhile, I laughed when I saw your "falling over" flowers...thanks for the fun.