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Two Times Two

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I decided to take a break from posting Catherine's remakes and post a few of my own designs.


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Yes, Pat and Kirsten are quite the characters.
I'm glad it wasn't that hard to put together. But where's the challenge in that?!


I got the best laugh out of Patsquire's and Kristens comments LOL LOL LOL

When I saw this one, I thought it would be really difficult to put together, but it actually wasn't that hard!!!!! It was truly fun to put together. Thank you so much Gail :-)))))))

Wishing you a boring week and even a month and more where NOTHING is going the wrong way!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))))


Oh, I, too, would much prefer hugs and purrs to cleaning up after cat!!! Hope Keeper is better today. And you.


Thanks, Ardy. Would you believe I have puzzles I bookmarked over a year ago? I just solved a number of Contomiani puzzles from March of 2012. Thanks for your good wishes. Keeper was sick today (from both ends). I don't know what's happening with my gang. They eat better than I do and never go outside. Maybe they're sick in sympathy for me ... but hugs and purrs would be much better for sure.


Gail I bookmarked this and have just now gotten back to it. It's lovely. I like it very much and thoroughly enjoyed solving it. Thanks. You and your pets remain in my prayers.


I don't know what happened, but I never saw Kirsten's or P-Squirt's comments. That's high praise indeed, Sharon. Are you trying to remarry me and tempt me with flattery? I do appreciate your comment.

Thanks, Gail. That too is high praise coming from you, because I love your puzzles. Thanks also, Rob.

Martha, no worries. Frankie's been acting fine since his seizure. I have to reschedule Schnellie, since today was spent dealing with my car, calling tire stores and choosing one, and then going and waiting while they changed out all four tires. They were factory tires back from when I bought my 2000 Civic in 1999. It only has 54,000 miles on it, so you can see how much I've driven in 13 years. Tomorrow I deal with some of my own health issues and see a specialist Friday if my blood work comes back normal. Thanks so much for asking. I would like to have one boring week in my life where absolutely NOTHING happens!

Oh Gail I have not been checking in every day so I just read about Frankie. I am sorry to hear of further episodes with your lovely family. How is Frankie and also how is Schnellie? You have really had too much lately. Also, how is your car? I am praying for you and for your babies. Know that "this too shall pass." Knowing that and then waiting for it to pass are two quite different things. Wish I could put my arms around you and comfort you.


i like your lovely fresh colours in these Gail - thanks.


Shazz, that comment was on one of Gail's puzzles, too!

I think if a quilt were made out of any of these four designs, it would surely take the Grand Prize at any State Fair in America!


I love the quilt look of this, Gail.

Ooooooooooooo lovely patterns.

Praise indeed from himself. Last time I saw him comment on a kaleido he said ' these things drive me crazy'.

Let's hope you get things sorted with the doctor this week - keep us posted.


Hi Edie, you should talk about Kirsten being on the board ~ you're always right up there! I'm glad you're enjoying these, and hope you sleep well.


These are great Gail and quite difficult as well. Look at speedie Kirsten at the top of the board. I've only tried it once might do better on a second try. Right now I want to head to bed and try and get another hour. Thanks I've bookmarked the rest for later.


OMG! He speaks the TRUTH!!

Sweet florals, Gail. And it's lovely to see your own designs again. :)))


So many of these geometrical or kaleidoscopic designs show NO imagination, NO flair, NO sense of artistic design. But this is SPECTACULAR, rich, bold a pleasure to look at, and it keeps the eye's attention because of it!

No joke, octonanomomulator.