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TILE 1307 (smaller version available . . . see notes below main puzzle)

81 pieces
70 solves
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Having looked at my my postings today I thought of this and thought you may want to open up a new tab and listen to it as you solve . . .

A smaller, 49 piece version of this puzzle is available on . . .

These kaleidos are created by me using images which are freely available on several internet sites. After I have manipulated a section of the image I add texture, depth and colour changes. The software used is predominantly CorelDraw but I do use several other programmes including Kaleider and Liquib.

I hope you have as much fun solving these puzzles as I had creating them . . . :D)


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Hi Ardy . . . I have also left a msg for you on 1303 . . . :D)
The US is not on it's own with celebrating weird and wacky days . . . I think it's a global pheno . . . phenom . . . phe . . . oh, you know the word . . . phenomenon . . . yes that's it, phenomenon! That reminds me of a song . . .
The strangest one I have come across so far is 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day' . . . I kid you not . . . lol

Not knowing what software you run I can't give exact details as to how to open a new tab but generally speaking if you look in the top left hand corner of your screen, just underneath the tool bar (where it says file, edit etc) there is often a 'tab' that looks like looks like the index tab on a file with details of the internet page you are on. Next to that there is usually some form of indicator and or writing . . . it could be as simple as a + sign. If you right click on that it should open a new page/tab and you can go to a 2nd internet address by simply putting in the new adress without losing your link to the first. To return to your 1st address simply click on the 1st index tab and you will go straight back to where you were (be careful if there is an x in there though as that will probably disconnect the link) It is very useful if you are doing something on one site and want to look something up . . . or listen to something on YouTube or an internet radio station as you are linked to both . . . lol. You can swap between sites at any time by clicking on the appropriate tab . . . I often have several tabs open at the same time . . . I heve even been in double figures on occasions when I was doing research for a music forum I ran . . . :D)
I hope this helps . . . it's worth finding out how to do it . . .


Good evening, Su. This is most definitely a blue posting. I don't know how to open in a new tab but I listened and enjoyed the Hawaiian pictures after I finished solving. I enjoyed them all and really can't pick a favorite tonight. It's so nice to come home from rehearsal with the kids and relax with you. Curl up in a comfy spot and chat about the day with a nice cup of tea perhaps. ( I just had a cup of mint tea.) Thank you for all the pretty blues tonight. And thanks for the 25 piece on this one.

It has been a beautiful warm day with more of the same tomorrow The crocuses are wide open today and the tulips are peeking through the ground. But more bad stuff and cold are coming back Thursday. I'll enjoy the good while I can. The USA seems to have special days for crazy things. Today was National Puzzle Day. Good one for all of us. Have a really good night. (((HUGS)))