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That doesn't look to good, either they run for it or they better get down the ladder again. I don't think this green beast will offer to carry the chest for them :)))


Oh, I'm sorry for you, it's extremely frustrating when things don't work!! DO hope the problems will be solved, miss you!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Hi Hanne, I am having lots of problems with the computer. Tonight found out it is with our wireless provider. There is something going wrong with the signal to a lot of us and they cannot find the problem. I have tried several times to solve the cave puzzles but get knocked out. It is after midnight and seems to be working so here goes. I am trying to keep up, thanks you and Bent.


Patricia, they've got to be brave, and they are!! Thanks so very much!!

He is NOT nice!! That's all I can say!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!!


Oh my, what have we here??? Besides the big claws, this fellow doesn't seem scary to me. Unless, I can't be sure - is that a horn on it's nose or is that part of the cave????


Oh no, now what! The golden boys seem to have had enough! This ugly looking creature (like some ghastly green squishy fluid thing) looks like its about to squirt some poison on them. Poor little men. Hope they can get out of this one big problem.


Thanks so very much monza, smelly yes, I think so too!! We'll see tomorrow!!

gerdje, you are wonderful!! I do like your comment so very much!! But you haven't seen it from the frontside, you will tomorrow!! Thanks so very much!!

well, all the comments surprice me!...after all the ugglies we saw before , this new one
gives me no rare feelings. for me he looks like a big DOG _ BEAR , or a bear-dog who is feeling very alone....


Thanks Elfie, but this looks horrible.... and probably smelly... now I am intrigued what will happen next


Yeeeaaah, an UGLY thing!! Thanks so very much Lela!!


EEEEEEEEEEK!....It's a..........THING!............


It's now or never!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


I think I'd head back down that ladder. What is that anyway? Perhaps a mountain troll? It looks more fearful than friendly. Oh, dear. What happens next? Stay tuned, Right, Hanne?


A big bad one!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Well for crying out loud! Those poor little guys just keep running into problems. Thanks Hanne.