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U.S. map for ANK

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Likewise, prayers and best wishes tu those in the storms path!


Ha, ha! I'm glad too, and sending prayers and best wishes to those who are.


Thanks friends, it's good to know where everyone is. Tex let me guess. In the middle............ of no where. lol
I'm glad you will not be in the middle of the storm.


I won't tell you, you have to guess which one I live in! Almost in the middle of the state.


I live in the farthest southwest corner of Missouri (MO). I was born in this state but have lived in Kansas (KS), California (CA), Wisconsin (WI), Ohio (OH), New York (NY) and Arizona (AZ) before moving back "home" when I retired. Our thoughts will be with everyone in the path of the hurricane. Stay safe!


Ank, I was born and raised in Ohio (OH). Same a Lyndee, will probably die here also.


Ank, I live in northern Illinois. Born, raised, and probably die here.


Thanks so much, Ank!


Just want to join in. I was born in NY, then moved to WA, then to VA, finally to CA at age 3 and been here 55 years :)


Hi friends, I'm glad you all tell me this. I gonna work out this map, make it bigger and write your names in your country. Then it's more easy. Pat I'm very sorry to see that you are in the storm field too. I'm afraid it will not help but I will think of you. Much strength.


This is a fun idea. I live in WA - Washington state, the most NorthWest on the continental U.S. (Alaska is more north and more west but Canada gets in the way.) And I've also lived in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), Syracuse, New York (NY), and Los Angeles, California (CA). Americans seem to move around a lot!


Hi Ank. I live in Southwest Missouri (SW MO), a 30 minute drive from Oklahoma (OK) and a 45 minute drive from Arkansas(AR).
Hurricanes are NO problem for us. Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes can be worrisome. Although 99.9% miss us! LOL

i live in nv.[nevada]
i've lived in ga.[georgia]
i've lived in mo.[missouri]
i've lived in s.c.[south carolina]
i've lived in n.c.[north carolina]
i've lived in fla [florida]
i've lived in ca.[california]
i've lived in ala[alabama]
love this puzzle


And I'm in South Texas also...just about 70 miles north of the Texas-Mexico border....about 100 miles northwest of Snooker.

Nevada (NV) - Famous for Las Vagas, althought I live near Reno.


I'm in FL. That's Florida and it's the bottom right peninsula. I'm in Orlando. I'm originally from TN which is Tennessee and is a couple of states up from Florida. From Key West, Florida, it's only 90 miles south to Cuba! There's a sign on the beach there. LOL Thanks for the great puzzle, mamahen! 0:04


I live in NY (New York), upper part of the east coast. Good idea, Ank and Sandy! (The storm IS heading my way, unfortunately...).

I am in TX (Texas) as far south as you can go in the US. On the Mexican border.


Thanks Sandy, this is great. You know often people write I live in MT or NE or something like that, but then I don't know what it means.

So, to all friends...... please tell on this puzzle the name of your state and the letters.Then I know where I can place you.

Sandy I'm glad you will not be in the storm. I wish everyone who is much strength.


You can put an m at the top of the state near the lake.


Hi Ank, To answer your question. The hurricane will not affect me. I live in the state of Illinois marked IL on the map. I put an 'S' for approximately where I live. The storm will be on the East coast on the right of the map.

I will leave this on incase someone else wants to tell you what state they live in.