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Blue Beauties! (small)

49 pieces
76 solves
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Thanks so much, Jan!! :D


good one today Jan


Hanne - I am so sorry - I still celebrate the holiday season until January 6. But, the time with family is done now, for me.
I like your comparison of the kaleidos to a winter day! Thanks so much!


Oh dear, Christmas is NOT over until Jan. 5. You know: the twelve days of Christmas!! We have a Danish saint, Saint Knud, his day is Jan. 6. and the saying is: Knud carries out Christmas!! Your kaleidos are very cold but beautiful like a lovely icy winterday!! Thanks so very much, Jan!!


Barb - - I've had this one ready to go for some time and was finally glad Christmas was over! LOL

Ank - They could be colored snowflakes, couldn't they! I love the BBB description!

Pat - We sure do like the odd balls, don't we. I'm not sure most of the Jigidiers, do, but I think they are a fun accent! I'm so glad you like them, too!

Mimi - are you still surrounded by family? I sure hope so. I'm glad you like this one! You are so very welcome, my dear!!


Oooh, pretty! These are just perfect for a cold and snowy winter day Jan!


Great puzzle, thanks my friend!


Loooooooove these! The colors are gorgeous, and the variety of patterns marvelous! And, of course, as my own weird puzzles will attest, the oddball shapes of the top and bottom middle ones really caught my eye! But all of them are truly lovely!


Beautiful Blue Beauties Jan. A few looks like colored snowflakes.


Ahhhhh, they are lovely, Jan! You must be relieved not to have to think of more Christmas puzzles, unless of course you would like to. Or perhaps a New Year's puzzle. :-)