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Mosaic Swirl....

36 pieces
104 solves
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Sally - I just love this design. Sorry, I've had an extremely busy time and have not had much time for Jigidi lately :-)


Tis true, dear Jill.... The centerpiece is the pièce de résistance.... Thanks for agreeing with me... :) :) :)))


This has such a delicate look to it! .... a great solve too! The crowning touch, of course, is the centerpiece! Thanks, dear one!


Is that kinda like watching grass grow, watching snow melt?? We agree all the s*** should be gone by May at the latest... Otherwise you be into summer and spring will not have sprung... Take care.... :) :)


If I look really hard, I can see the s*** is slowly melting. I'm glad it's melting slowly, but have to wonder if we'll still have some when May arrives. I think that would be a first....


Thanks, Rosie.... You're a sweetheart... Big smile here, hearing you enjoyed them.... :) :)


Thank you, QORE... Glad you enjoyed the colors... Did you find any good RE while you were out and about??? Your empire is lovely, but we could always use more super choice properties... So good to see you... Take care and behave... Hugs to you, Luke and Evie.... :) :)

Thanks, Rosie.... You're a sweetheart... Big smile here, hearing you enjoyed them.... :) :)


Loved the walk thru the different patterns in your last puzzle and now a mosaic in a wonderful swirl. Love todays puzzles. Thanks for lots of fun. Rosie


Very very pretty my dear. I love the design and of course, all those gorgeous colors!


Thanks, Kirsten... :) :)) :)))

Thanks, mate... Always looking for something a little different.... :) :)

G'day Whattie... I always think of your when I come up with swirl... I know it's good when you put your stamp of approval on it.... Thanks, my friend... How's the s*** level?


Lovely swirl, thanks much :))


A swirl of a different kind,but just as beautiful, Thanks Sally :):)


Nice one, Sally! Thanks!! :)))