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I may have posted a puzzle of this blossom soon after I photographed it four and half years ago. I wasn't keeping records that far back so I can't look it up. I think my total of puzzles posted on Jigidi is near 6000. It takes too long to go through all those puzzles and see whether I submitted this photo. I took this photo during my first bird watching trip to the state of Arizona. Shortly before entering Arizona, I stopped by Henderson Ponds, near Henderson, Nevada. I found a couple of different species of desert type trees around the ponds that had pretty blossoms on them. This was one of those blossoms.
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  1. Anisa6:48
  2. PetraK97:27
  3. edduke7:41
  4. super10007:56
  5. marana_tha8:05
  6. nanlein8:09
  7. bgbull8:45
  8. beagle0018:49
  9. anniebellum8:52
  10. Helis8:54


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Vips, Nancy and Nan, Like Nancy said, it appeared kind of exotic to me, especially since it was on an unimpressive, scrubby looking tree. Terry


mysterious but really lovely.

Terry--What a delightful puzzle! The flower seems quite exotic--I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for posting it. Nancy


Very very beautiful. Vips

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