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Flower Cube.....

36 pieces
159 solves
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Oh my, Willy... I'm smiling and blushing at the same time.... What a lovely comment... Thank you so much.... I am very much enjoying your geometric puzzles.... Have a great day and keep on having fun..... :))) :))) :)))


Yes, you are beautiful, Jacques and handsome too... Take care, Hugs, Priscilla.... :) :)))))


This i really one off the most beautiful puzzles I was ever see on Jigidi, it is the work from a artist, thanks alot Sally:-))))))))))
Willy. :-))))))))))




Aw, thanks! ((( Hugs)))


Phillip, you are a sweetheart... Next time you see Jacques, please tell him we love him and wish him all the best... He's in our hearts and in our prayers... Stay strong, mate... Many hugs.... :) :)))))


I tried a boot, Good Buddy, but the Royal Blue looked much better as a frame.... Hugs from the left coast.... Sunny and bright today... Thanks for giving me a gorgeous (Avatar) smile.... :) :)))


thank you for your support and your concern


Oh my, it doesn't get much better than this..... and with an RJDB frame to boot! ( not literally) Thanks, dear one!


Thanks, Edie... You've made my 3D day.... :) :)))

Thanks, Snooks... You always spot that sparkly pattern where ever I put it.... :) :))))

You're welcome, Whatnauts... Always gives me a smile when you like one of my puzzles.... :) :)) :)))

Ms S'68, mate... More smiles that you enjoyed my cube.... I do like creating them... Ava good doodle day and don't forget your walk.... :) :))))

Wow!!! Rob, thanks for the 'super'... That put a big smile on my face... Good to know you like the bright as I can't resist oomphing up the colour.... Ava good one, mate.... :) :)))

Thanks, Kirsten for your sweet comment... Soon my heard will not fit through the door... I loved your Kaleidogift box... Super clever idea, mate.... :) :))))

You are so witty dear Suzy... That's one of the reason I love reading all your comments on your puzzles and others... Laughing out loud is so good for the spirit... Thanks so much.... :) :))))

Thanks, Anne... Glad you enjoyed the flowers... Four Aussies on one puzzle today... I feel like I've struck gold or opals... Just like going to Kalgoorlie or Coober Pedy.... :) :))))


Love the colours and depth of the flowers - overall a fantastic piece of wall-art. Thanks Sally.


Cubical, SMor! Simply a cubical delight!


(Yup - 5 months and doing great! Thanks!)


Fabulous puzzle, Sally. Great colours and textures. And that 3D cube is fantastic!! Thank you. :)))


Love the strong, bright colours Sally - you are Super Sally!!! Thanks.


This S Mor lady is very clever, couldn't get a prettier cube, Thank you, Sally. :):)


Awesome, SMor. Thanks very much :)))) (1:44)

Super pretty. Love that one glittery flower petal.


That cube looks like it's going to jump right off the screen and land in my lap Sally. Love how you do the 3D effect. Thanks :-)))


Thanks, Patti... How's our sweet little Adeline??? She must be 4 or 5 months old by now... (Or even older as time seems to get away from us).... Thanks again.... :) :)))))


So pretty! Love the colors!


Thanks so much, Sissel for letting me know you liked this one and all the bright colours.... :) :))))


Beautiful in colours and the way you made it - thanks :-)