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Growly's gang of reprobates, Berlin

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This is the bunch of ne'er-do-wells with whom Growly chose to hang out with on our recent mini break to Berlin. The bear is the emblem of this great city but I'm afraid these are not the best example of that noble breed. They are obviously recovering from a prolonged sojourn in the Bierkeller and have been sampling a few too many Bratwurst mit pommes frites!!
Not for me those sins of the flesh, no sir! ;-)


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Dear Ardy, I have had family visiting and have only checked back on this evening. I had missed your visit and was replying to Gail who nipped in before I checked out! Obviously just before you...!
I'm so pleased you called round and am sorry I missed replying to your most welcome visit!


Growly must be really trying your patience today. I think you know I'm Ardy, not Gail.


Gail, I do try but just occasionally my halo slips!! ;-)))

gal61, it HAS been a long time!! Good to see you back :-)) The bear continues to try my patience with his exploits but you gotta love him! :-D


Sorry I have been away for a long time, but I wanted to check in and see where Growly has been lately and say Hi. I am glad you have been setting a good example for him, this crowd looks a little shady!!!!!
I do miss a good Bratwurst though!!!!!!


Glad you rescued Growly before it was too late. What a strange gang. You are setting Growly a good example, aren't you? Love your sense of humor, Hester.


Yes Jan, there is something of the "other side" about that villainous character. It was indeed fortunate that , for once, Growly heeded my advice!

In the interest of scientific research I forced myself to sample the delights of the brattie! ;-)


Oh Hester, the second from the left looks like he's the worst of the lot! Poor dear Growly. How ever did he encounter such a motley crew? I am so glad you were able to wrest him from their clenches! You've surely saved him from a life of endless dissolution and debauchery! (and Bierkellers)

I do hope you at least TRIED the Bratwurst! LOL


Um, Kirsten....that could be me you are describing!! LOL Certainly the round tum! :-)

Mandy they certainly were a bunch of scruffy reprobates! :-)


Oh dear, it looks as though Growly had a very fortuitous escape from this group!!


Growly!! This could be your future, unless you listen to She-who-must-be-obeyed! Enough with the hard drinking, young bear. Or you too, could end up with a round tum, and glassy eyes. Be afraid. Be very afraid!


Given how out of condition they look, Gail, I reckon you could give them a good head start! LOL


They look quite fierce. I wouldn't want to meet up with them in a dark alley.