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It was in the mid 90s Sunday - I hate summer...

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Yep, get you a roadside stand on Route 66. Flagstaff's a bit out of your way, but it would fit in nicely there.


Max, I am happy to say we have caught only one snake in our backyard (so far) this summer. My wife likes them… they eat the mice whole so she does not need to fillet the mice or bake them to an internal temperature of 165 degrees. I have tried to find an experienced snake herder to round up the snakes and take them to Slitherland, but no luck. I suppose I will have to wait for the next wagon train to pass by so I can sell "authentic Arizona snake" souvenirs to all the Easterners passing through on their way to Disneyland.


I like my black snakes. (One lives in the "creek" near me.) They are my preferred natural rodent repellent.

For those buck-toothed denizens--the four-legged ones, not my neighbors--scurrying out of the woods behind me sometimes is precursor to an unhappy ending.


For what it's worth, never seen one - just those little black grass snakes... A typical day is mosquitoes, geckos, flies. (getting back on track...) with a can of Raid, I conduit... gotta leave now - catch you later!


At least the Burmese pythons don't slither as quickly in extremely warm weather. There is THAT to look forward to.

And thank you Jesus for creating I-10, the only natural barrier between me and your constrictors.


I don't necessarily prefer winter - our fall is terrific - but I get things done. Summer is brutal here. By August you'll hear language from me that will melt your computer! I don't do anything - too hot. The plants look like monster weeds. the cleaning slides (even with A/C - it's a mental thing), I become anti-social because it's too hot to go out. @sihect said it perfectly - naked goes just so far...


Hot and humid never sounds like a great day for me. In winter, I curl up under a blanket.


mpp, if I have to choose between the two, I'm choosing summer. I have too many aches and pains to tolerate winter weather--particularly if it's damp.

I know your summer is more tropical than mine, but mine is generally quite humid, too.

You and me both! I, too, hate summer. I far prefer the winter. There's only so much clothing you can take off before they'll arrest you (in summer). You can always pile on the wools (in winter)!


I love summer, no matter how hot! There's so much to do, and plenty of ways to cool off.

Morepiecesplz, excellent!


I thought they 'checked your shorts'...


But "electrical workers charge everything". I know this to be true--I saw it on a bumper sticker.