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Getting Thinner

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256 solves
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It wasn't the tough test, but it wasn't a piece of cake, either, so I vote for learning! :-)))


This was one of the easiest of your puzzes to complete, or am I learning? LOL Thanks~


Thanks so much, whatnauts!


A wonderful circular puzzle. (45:52)


Thanks so much, dimples--I'm glad you had fun! :-)))


I forgot to add good luck, whatnauts--I know you can do it! :-)))


I've never been a smoker, as opposed to someone who had a few cigarettes now and then, many years ago, but I know how hard it is to give up. Jessica has done it, very well, and then eventually gone back to it when under stress. She started again to help thin out for the wedding, and now, of course, she's still doing it... I have lots of clothes from my fairly thin years and my fairly thick years, as well as from now, and I grab whatever fits, because they're all pants and jeans and tops, so the style is the same! I'm a big nibbler, too, so I try to buy what I know I'll gobble down (like Cheetohs) only once a week or so, meanwhile relying on things like pretzels that aren't so enticing, which helps me limit the snacking...

I did enjoy this puzzle. Time: 1:02:12. But it was fun anyway.


My weight has been creeping up for several years, but since I quit smoking three years ago, it's even harder to keep it off. I intend to make a concerted effort because I'm really uncomfortable, and also I don't want to buy new larger clothes. At this point, I'd have to cut open some seams, not just the labels. Luckily, I do like healthy food, and start my day off with groats and homemade granola nearly every day, summer and winter. It's later in the day when I want to snack that is my downfall because I love sweets.


I have never been able to eat a healthy diet--ramen soup and diet Pepsi for breakfast don't exactly start the day off right...! I do enjoy pancakes or eggs, though, just maybe once a week, but I've never liked oatmeal or other hot cereals, and I'll eat a decent granola type cereal for a day or two, but then I don't want it anymore. I don't eat lunch, and I really don't enjoy fruit (that's the downside of not liking sweets, I think), so it's hard to eat a balanced diet. But my weight isn't the problem for me--at 5'5" and 127 or so, I really don't need to lose weight. It's just so terribly distributed, with scrawny arms and chicken legs, but a great big pot belly... It's the unhealthy male apple shape, and dieting only makes my arms and legs skinnier, unless I get down to 115, say, at which point my tummy is flat but I look horrible, especially in the face. Even exercise doesn't seem to distribute the weight properly, so I just settle for trying to wear short sleeves and narrow legged pants, with a loose top! LOL!

Anyway, whatnauts and dimples, I hope you enjoy this puzzle! :-)))))))

whatnauts, I'm sure it's the dryer. I have the same problem. As a cheating solution, I cut out the size labels on my clothes. (Besides, they scratch anyway.)


I think I should print this and put it on my refrigerator. I decided over the weekend that it was time to get back to some healthier eating habits. It was disheartening when one of the first news stories I heard this morning was about how much more difficult it is to lose weight after fifty!!!! But I will soldier on as my clothing is getting a little tight......