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Stripes, I Suppose

256 pieces
145 solves
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twosocks, what are you talking about? I don't have anything at all to do with what happens on Jigidi as far as saving your progress. That's something that you'd have to talk to Magnus or Stefan about.
I just saw this:
"Pausing will also save your progress if you have a profile. "
Were you solving as a guest (not signed in)?


This is the 4th time that You did (NOT -save my progress) on a puzzle I was working on. What is going On? This is so frustrating!


Pat and Amy, that would be soooo coooool. A puzzle solving contest with you guys pitted against athletes. There's definitely a lot of skill involved with being super fast at puzzle solving. It takes exceptional hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, quick reflexes.....

Janine, yes, these stripes were in an earthquake and are slowly recovering.....very slowly. I'm glad you enjoyed the stripes. And thank you for calling me a dear, dear. :-)

Wendy......I love your stripes, but tell me, were they in an Earthquake ? LOL......
great colorful puzzle...thanks dear.....Janine.


Good point, Pat!

It would be fun, though!


Hi, Amy--I think we could beat him, hands down! (Well, maybe one hand would have to be up on the mouse.....)! LOL!


On that first post to Wendy, I was just happy to be the first to solve. I was joking with Wendy on another puzzle that I have seen her puzzles within 10 minutes of her posting them, but I was still not in time to be the first to solve it. There is usually a guest that beats me to the punch.

You got me thinking Pat, I bet we could beat Usain Bolt in a puzzle challenge, what do ya think??
LOL!!! :-D


I had to laugh about Amy being glad to be the first to solve, so she could be sure to get the top spot! That's like Usain Bolt needing a head start in a foot race, or Tiger Woods needing to start from the women's tee! LOL!

I thought this was REALLY hard to solve, with the multiple yellow stripes and the randomly placed ziggidy-zags, and I was totally surprised to see that I made the board. I think this is a TERRIFIC puzzle, whether it's stripes or not--thanks, Wendy!


Amy, you keep the majority of the top spots you get on my puzzles, but not all of them. The same can be said for every single one of the fastest solvers. Right now, Mandy is the fastest one overall because she has so many top spots on all different sized puzzles. I agree with you that when there are super fast people at the top, that there is definitely an incentive to go faster than normal. I remember when I used to solve puzzles, whenever davedave was at the top, I pushed myself. :-)
And I agree with you that anyone who consistently gets the top spot is trying to go fast. I admit that I used to try, and I see that you admit that you still do. :-)


It is funny, if I see a good time at the top spot, I can usually beat it. Even though I have no idea how long it is taking me to do the puzzle, I have my best times when there is a good time at the top.

Anyone who consistently gets the top spot IS trying to go fast, consciously or not. I am not ashamed to admit that I am shooting for the top spot, even if I only have it for a minute or two.


Way to go, Amy! I love it when a friend gets the top spot first. Unfortunately, unlike you, Mandy usually waits at least a day before solving my puzzles so that she sees the competition first. Of course, she denies that she wants to go fast though. LOL


Yeah, a "first to solve!" Timing was perfect!