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Scattered Snowflakes

48 pieces
157 solves
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Gee, that's sad Wendy, I'm happy this one is doing OK, and thanks for the exaggerated compliment!!! :~)


Mandy, long ago I created a puzzle a lot like this one but it got removed by Jigidi's trash collector (lack of enough solves). Well, yours is doing a thousand times better! This is very pretty by the way. :-)


Oh, Kirsten, don't I just wish... My fingers are so cold I can barely type!!! I I know how awful that kind of heat is too... when I visited Australia they had no air con in the house and we used to have to go the mall to cool down... but at night you have to just deal with it, and you'd be hot and sticky again immediately after a cold shower... you have my sympathy Kirsten. I'm glad you like the puzzle tho', thanks.


I could do with some of your cold weather ladies. We have just had a mini heatwave breaking records for November! On Thursday it reached 46 (115)degrees in the north of the state, and 40 (104) where I live. And vilely hot night leading up to it and after. Followed by a not-so-hot day, but horribly humid. So could you funnel me over just a little of your cold weather. In return I woudl be happy to share 10 - 20 degrees of ours! LOL

Oh, and nice puzzle Mandy. :)))


So do I, Lesley, so do I... but it seems to be already happening the the US...!!
Well done on your time!!! :~))


I hope this isn't an indication Mandy of what is to come!