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sleepy and ssizzz

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Two hospital clowns out for St. Patricks Day.
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  1. kiki375:43
  2. makaob8:45
  3. daphne6968:49
  4. JackV39:21
  5. Barbtee10:14
  6. joan4210:36
  7. mugin10:47
  8. kettler12:55
  9. jlou17:18
  10. Budwoman19:03


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Just left a message on one of my doll puzzles for you. Well, I just read the
one below from Oct 2016, glad I am not still having the pneumonia problem.
What are you up to these days? Let me know how you are doing, please.
Love Ya, Doll (also, jlou from years past, and Bibliophile)


Hello, daphne, have missed you, hope everything is okay, let me know
how you are doing. A friend just called, I had gone to bed early and
happened to be awake listening to radio, we talked for an hour and
it is now 4:30 a.m. I am up having a coke. I have been on antibiotics,
have a nodule of pneumonia in my right lung (according to the Dr.,
but how can she tell what it is from an ex-ray, could be something else,
I am going back Wed. hope to find out more. Hugs, D.


Hi! daphne, hope you are doing well, and that you have a good week,
just wanted to say good morning before I go to bed (5 a.m.). I did take
a nap yesterday evening, but I need to get my scheduled changed as
my Scottie wants out at 9 a.m. and that is 4 hours from now! Hugs D.


These clowns are still friends though they don't see each other often. have been busy as well - home where screen damage caused in a January mini tornedo is still being worked on and turned into a major project and at the hospital where clowns are not my only contribution, just the happiest one.


Hi! daphne, are these two clowns still friends? Just wanted to say
hello, hope all is well. I wore myself out yesterday mowing, but
I did get some puzzles posted today. Have a good weekend.


These two are friends. Some clowns work with children but not here. We love adults who went to circuses in their youth and know that clowns are made to create smiles. Unfortunately post 9/11 paranoia, and "stranger danger" taught in schools has made age our friend


Wow! Daphne,

I feel like I have been to the circus! These clowns are really sweethearts!
I bet they live for getting dressed up and going to the hospital to cheer
others up. Are they a couple, or just friends. I can't believe my stiff old fingers
allowed me to get on to the leaderboard, 17:18! I sure wasn't trying, and
of course I am just on there third from the bottom. Come for a visit and
I will do likewise. Hugs! jlou

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