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Downtown Coupeville WA in Snow

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Looks like something out of the old west?
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  1. beatlecarol4:36
  2. debdaz4:59
  3. dartagnan5:24
  4. gracielou5:34
  5. ritzde5:49
  6. yarnover6:04
  7. camwebb8886:05
  8. Impie6:09
  9. illdenyit6:18
  10. Carol666:25


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Hi Quilt65, Coupeville is a nice little town and the Island County Seat. They have done a remarkable job of preserving it's history. It is 13 miles south of Oak Harbor (my home).


Wow! Sounds like a nice place to live. Thanks for this nice puzzle.

Carol66 fact, it has been the set for several movies or partial movies....."War of the Roses", "Practical Magic", Officer and a Gentleman and a couple I have forgotten. Funny, many years back a friend was there acting as an "extra"..........he was leaning against the front of "Toby's Tavern" (a local and somewhat famous "watering hole". Another man was leaning
against the building making small chat with him.........turned out it was Tom Cruise who was married to Nicole at the time.

Guess I’m just going to have to trek up I-5 and find this place. Looks like a movie set! E


Hi DD, I hope they can continue to keep it that way............


Love this town! They've done a good job of keeping this an old town!
Dusty : )


It looked like about 2 inches but it froze. School just went in a couple of hours late. Warming rapidly. "They" say 50's forecast for the weekend for us also.....hope "they" are correct! lol


Nice photo! Yes, very much a scene from another time, whether cowboys or swashbuckling pirates looking for a dram or three to warm themselves. :-))
How much did you get last night? Heard it was possible in places....but not a drop here (that I know of) ....50s forecast for Sunday, so chances are real good this is done and dusted.


LOL thought when I saw this picture was surprise someone did not steal him. Maybe precautions are in place or he gets to go into the shop at night? Seems, these days, nothing is out of bounds for the thieves. Praying things will thaw after the snow last night......need to get to work...........I think the paperwork "breeds" when I am not there. lol

Porgy, I agree. Or maybe at least a bunch of pirates considering we are an Island......;)


Tell me that's a wooden statue there, not a live human!


I can almost imagine John Wayne and his band of cattle cowboys hunkered down on their horses looking fore the saloon! Very cool photo Carol, thank you!


I've been waiting for you to post some photos!
You can't tell it ever snowed here in Kenmore but my son finally escaped his neighborhood yesterday in Woodinville, only with all-wheel drive. I feel bad for all those folks in Snohomish without power a whole week now.


It does look nice......but....I'm so glad we haven't got snow overhere (yet) :-))

Really nice picture Carol! Thank you.

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