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Sunset 24 September 2020

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The Hague, Holland at 7PM

This photo was taken from the skylight in my loft, from where I could take this 'dramatic' view. From all other angles (in the back of my home to left or right and at the front to the left or right) it was blue with here and there a cloud! :-))
We did have some rainshowers, this evening.
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  1. liertje19782:05
  2. glenestele2:10
  3. babray2:19
  4. Impie2:51
  5. canoekaw3:19
  6. resmut3:22
  7. grace493:28
  8. EllaMB3:34
  10. Pekaji4:05


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Oh yes, Prairiewind....I often watch a live webcam of the beach and it's so beautiful to see the sun sink in the Northsea at the horizon!
I live about 7 km from Scheveningen beach.


It does seem that clouds near a coastline are especially good.


LOL GG....yeah, she doesn't need much information to create a whole story.....not one neighbour has been or will be spared....:-)))

Thanks, Prairiewind, if you'd ever decide to come to the Netherlands, I'd recommend this time of year (Autumn) when we'll get the most ominous and beautiful skies, especially close to the coastline where I live! :-)))


Over the years you have shown so many marvelous sky photos I want to go to the Netherlands just to look at the sky. But I realize your eye is the crucial difference. Beautiful sky.


I am sure it must be fun to imagine what the neighbour is thinking! ☺☺


Thank you, goldie2020! :)

It sure is, GG,thanks. From here I can take photos with my arms stretched out of the open skylight. I'll always smile, thinking that gossip neighbour across my home must be thinking "what on earth is she doing with that window open wide" LOL ...she can't see ME, just my hands and camera!;))

Thank, Ella, it was 'strange' to see this particular 'ominous' sky part and everywhere else so 'quiet' !;)




What a great place to have to take sky photos, Impie! This is a beautiful one for sure! ☺


Beautiful picture. Thanks


I'm glad the smoke is making place for clouds, Faye! Gray clouds are no fun, but always better than smoke!

Wishing you a safe trip back home tomorrow, hopefully more 'clear' than on your way to your sisters! See you when you're back!:)))


No blue here right now...but at least it's gray clouds and NOT smoke! Yesterday...all day...there were white caps on the lake...which is higher than I've ever seen it at this time of year.

On the road tomorrow...see you Saturday or Sunday. :)))

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