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Portrait Of The Empress Eugenie Holding Louis Napoleon By Franz Xavier Winterhalter

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The last Empress of the French was born in Granada, Spain, to Don Cipriano de Palafox y Portocarrero and María Manuela Enriqueta Kirkpatrick de Closbourn y de Grevignée.

Eugénie de Montijo, as she became known in France, was formally educated mostly in Paris,
A short, disastrous stay, in 1837, in a boarding school near Bristol, England—where she was known as "Carrots", for her auburn hair, and from which she tried to run away, to India—completed Eugénie's formal schooling. However, most of her education took place at home, under the tutelage of English governesses.....

She first met Prince Louis Napoléon after he had become president of the Second Republic, with her mother, at a reception given by the "prince-president" at the Elysée Palace on April 12, 1849. In a speech on 22 January 1853, Napoleon III, after having become emperor, formally announced his engagement, saying, "I have preferred a woman whom I love and respect to a woman unknown to me, with whom an alliance would have had advantages mixed with sacrifices". They were wed, on 29 January 1853, in a civil ceremony......

Source: Wikipedia

Winterhalter's portraits were prized for their subtle intimacy, but his popularity among patrons came from his ability to create the image his sitters wished or needed to project to their subjects. He was able to capture the moral and political climate of each court, adapting his style to each client until it seemed as if his paintings acted as press releases, issued by a master of public relations.
Source: The J. Paul Getty Museum
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Hello uhura100, Thank you so much for the comment, am glad you enjoyed
the portrait. I am looking forward to it, especially the dress. Come again
for another visit, enjoyed your company.

What a beautiful picture! Thanks for the historical background info.


Hi! brightspark, my dear friend, how are you doing? Me, not so well.
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what a gorgeous baby xx lol

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