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A Finnish Winter - Savonlinna

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Olavinlinna Castle in Winter

Olavinlinna (Swedish: Olofsborg; literally Olaf's Castle, see Olaf II of Norway) is a 15th-century three-tower castle located in Savonlinna, Finland. It is the northernmost medieval stone fortress still standing. The castle is built on an island in the Kyrönsalmi strait that connects the lakes Haukivesi and Pihlajavesi.

The castle forms a spectacular stage for the Savonlinna Opera Festival, held annually in the summer since 1912.
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  1. Ribs1:09
  2. Hippula1:12
  3. Mirabella10001:19
  4. Biscotto1:20
  5. debdaz1:30
  6. janet4231:32
  7. tinawina271:33
  8. dukeycash1:38
  9. mapletree1:44
  10. Obieone1:53


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I would just love to be in the 'middle of nowhere' right now! : -)


You do not need to know how to more. Finland is full of similar languages in limping for people like me. Young people are better, of course. I said that Finland is full of similar .... it's not quite true, because our country is very sparsely populated country. When the leaves away from the town of from 10 to 40 km you are in the middle of nowhere, and there we relax.


I love 'Die Entführung aus dem Serail '! I'll be there in spirit. My Finnish is limited to two sentences, just enough to say hello and introduce myself! : -))


Every summer there are opera festivals. Next summer is the 100 years anniversary year the independence of Finland. The summer 2017 software, for instance Mozart's Abduction from the Seraglio. We celebrated as !! Welcome, Biscotto!


I would love to go to the opera there! Thank you, Rita.


There is a great setting for an opera festival. The picture is also very beautiful, winter landscape, I like it a lot. Thank you, Biscotto!

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