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From the Butterfly House at Faust Park
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. . I can imagine the fireflies supplying the ‘candle light’😉


Dressed in evening black for a fancy affair.


I’m smiling Linda, I took a few hundred pictures that morning, so I was bound to get some pictures that weren’t blurred :) But this one was a little slower than the others . . Thanks for doing the puzzle!


Hi Tea. What a great shot of this butterfly resting on the leaf. You are so quick. Sometimes just a sound makes them fly away. Love it. Thank you for posting it.........Linda.....


Thank you Donna, I thought she looked pretty striking too :) G’nite, see you tomorrow . .


This one's amazing, Tea. The black on green is so very striking. Tfp!


“Silk”, that’s a good word for it :)
Thank you Jill !


Looks like silk, very attractive. Thank you


Thank you for going with me with all these photos :))


Yes she is!
Thanks Lorna :)


Loving the trip to the Butterfly House, TFP, Tea.


What a stunner! ☺

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