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Frozen Sea or Lake Water update.

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Original Frozen Seawater link with >1,700,000 solves:

Waiting/watching for it's return.
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Jumble discovered it was back.


Awesome news, Sweetums! Just pushed it up to 1,701,683.


Thanks, Sweetums!


Thanks for the update. I'll keep my comment here so I don't make the list too long at the PPPP (Pretty Picture Puzzle Page).

Merry Christmas!!
"Frozen Seawater" is back!!


With no real news, we're left to wonder if the photo owners are holding out for an unreasonable licence price, or if Jigidi doesn't see how valuable this puzzle would be for future publicity, or if either or both are too busy to come to terms just yet. At least we have sno-cones and furry friends to help us endure the wait, and the daily grind...


I'm here too! The last time I email Magnus was on the 29th November asking about this, but as yet I have had no reply. I fear you may be right Sweetums, a Christmas miracle is needed for it to return.


And to you, my furry friend! :o)

Hi Ellen. Nice to know someone is still out there.
Merry Christmas!


Awww. A warm hug to Sweetums!

Day 57. Our only hope now is for a Christmas miracle. I've resorted to grinding icicles through my Snoopy sno-cone maker. Blades are getting dull and harder to grind. Cold and lonely upon this empty shore. Fur don't fail me now...

It's actually Lake ice so the Mango-Banana combo shouldn't be too bad.


Wow. Mango, banana & sea ice... ewww...... I can hardly wait! ;-)

Where was I? Day 27. Still no sign of the elusive ice. Search team is exhausted. Supplies are running low. We're down to our last pallet(Z0IK7OKE). Some have abandoned the quest, or passed out, as others tarry on. My Snoopy sno-cone maker stands at the ready for when we achieve our goal. Strawberry, pineapple, peach, mango, grape cherry and banana flavors are stocked and ready. Yes, you are allowed to mix flavors.


I'm guessing that's what they meant by buying the rights. Simply obtaining permission to use the image and paying for that license.
At our church we pay an annual fee to a company to use music that is copyrighted and I would think this would be a similar situation.
However, I don't know for sure.
Not an expert.


Someone should tell TPTB that it is NOT necessary to buy the rights to the photo. The owner may not want to SELL the rights. Typically, usually, in most cases the rights are simply LICENSED to the licensee and the owner retains ownership.

I have seen all kinds of compensation negotiated for such licenses. In one instance it was an annual case of beer. Eventually the licensee started sending a 6-pack and the owner did not object.

On the other hand when Chevrolet made the mistake of bringing out a new model of automobile in the '80s and calling it the Beretta, the Beretta firearms company in Italy whomped them with a huge lawsuit! Chevrolet eventually settled by paying $500,000.

It is possible to license for a reasonable fee what cannot be bought at any price.


Thanks Sweetums for letting us all know.
Thanks to @Jigidi for going to such effort to buy the rights to the image of the frozen sea water.
May everyone have a pleasant evening!


Ah least we know where we stand.
Time to let the ice melt - for now


Thanks Sweetums.


Haha that's funny! Great news anyway!


What happened to your soapbox puzzle, Sweetums?

@Jigidi Excuse me. I have to wipe tears of laughter from my eyes.


Thank you to Sweetums for the timely tag and the conscientious notification. Of course we have fingers, toes, & in some cases eyes crossed for this.
And thank you to Jigidi for honouring creators' rights to restrict copying of their works, and for a fine & balanced sense of humour.

Just lock me up and throw away the key already.
I'm ready to serve my time.
(At least I'll be fed.)

Jigidi staff

Well actually - we’re not so sure about that @Sweetums. This just may register as copyright infringement since the text you’ve copied and posted here isn’t yours. But to stay on the safe side we hereby grant you the rights to publish the text (originally posted by Jigidi about an hour ago) two times on this page alone ;-)


Well done, Sweetums!


Done!! Now to let a couple others know: @SandiT @Beekay


Thanks, Sweetums. After reading this I need to go delete one of my puzzles as I used the numbers on it during numbers theme week. It does show the image.


Well, that took longer than it should have (17 seconds). I guess I was too busy reading.


Sounds like a good plan - thanks for tag. :-)

If and when Frozen Seawater is restored, I or someone will post the news here.

@marpajean @Max_Tooney @lefty50 @wjl1015 @Jumble @youngone @PutterDutt @pasta @joan454 @Cc3857 @ringleader @Joan_2 @patsquire @tanhse37 @randlindsly @Surreal_Heidi @BarbaraL @lefty50 @marcelteun @Brie1648 @gogogo @jals @iceng @robf @Bluebonnet @Jigidi


Well done Sweetums.

Most boring puzzle I've ever made, but no copyright infringements here.

From Jigidi:
Hi all.

We decided to remove The Frozen Seawater puzzle on account of legal advice. By keeping the puzzle on our website knowing that the creator did not have the required permission to post it we become liable as well.

We are aware that it was disheartening due to the community that had arisen around the puzzle, but the law does not concern itself with that sort of casualties however we may experience them.

With the community in mind, we have reached out to the photographer asking to buy the rights to the image, and are currently in the early stages of negotiation.

This is a strong reminder always to pay attention to copyright when choosing images. If you as a creator have images that you are unsure of whether you are in your right to publish we urge you to read the guidelines where you’ll find points to check yourself by.

And to finish this misery off, I’m afraid we’ll have to remove this puzzle as well, as it infringes the artist’s rights once again. We’ll do that in a few hours.

All in all, we are working on restoring ”The Frozen Sea(lake?)water” with the community in mind (fingers crossed, please ☺) - in the meantime, a very happy puzzling to all of you!

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