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Big snow of 2015

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This is the biggest snow we have had in many, many years. This was taken from my screened-in porch.
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  4. Ribs5:38
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dblay ♥♥


Well, hello Marion. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my picture. We do not have snows like this often -- it is very rare that it even snows here and when it does, it is usually a "dusting" or an inch or two. :-)) When we get a BIG one like this, it is a BIG DEAL. :-))) I see you live in Holland and from what you said, you must have a lot of rain. Wow!! It is so nice that all us folks from all over the world can meet here on Jigidi, chat and do puzzles. I've never been to Holland and I'm sure it is a beautiful place. I love Tulips. :-)) I'm answering this HERE since you wrote here but I may go to your site and let you know I've seen this. Hope you have a beautiful day and thank you for dropping by.


hi dblay,, i was looking for -old- puzzles and found this one with all the snow and your beautiful view at the trees/ hoping the weather is better now☺ best wishes from rainy Holland ♣ marion


Thank you, Marian, for dropping by and checking this one out. Yes, I also loved the way my son positioned the camera to get this shot. Glad you enjoyed it, Marian. Warm hugs for the day.
Thank you, Teresa, for also dropping by and checking this one out and thank you for the comment on my porch. I have really enjoyed my screened-in porch and rarely use the deck. :)) It would be very nice if you could visit and enjoy the porch with me. :)) Best wishes to you and hugs and blessings also, my friend.


What a lovely snow scene, Donna! And, hey, you have a great porch! I would love to be there with you, my dear friend! It would be wonderful to be able to visit you. If only I could! :-)) A million hugs and blessings and the best wishes to you today!


I love the way your son positioned the camera Donna, a very lovely view indeed...that is a lot of snow...we have beautiful skies and sunshine right now... :)


I live in Alabama (USA) and we do not have snow very often at all, in fact, this is the biggest snow we had had since 1993. :)) So, this was a big deal to us. :))))

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