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Art :-)

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Thank you Kay :-)))


Clever painting , for sure. ;-))


Thank you PCVS :-)))

Very cool, Sissel. 😊


:-))) Alias

Yes PCVS. He is at the museum of Tegner in North Sealand. My grandfather was mayor in Helsingør for 27 years and liked Tegners sculptures. Tegner made a head and schoulders sculpture of him and I visit the museum in between :-)))))

He is PW. Always there :-)))

LOL Jens

I guess many of them know this Nana :-))) Thanks


I hope people driving down the street don't do a double take and crash into something lol!


No, he is the driver of the truck and has been thinking for weeks how to get it out of the garage again :-))


Is he part of the exhibits?

Sissel, your grandfather is in a museum?



Thank you so much dear friends. This guy has a clever brain I guess :-))))
Grandchildren on tour today to a museum to see greatgreatgrandpa :-)))))

Very funny!


Jeg tror at jeg må huske dette når jeg en eller annen gang vil dekorere garasjen min :-))


I think the truck can curl up like a pill bug.


That’s a great head turner! Fun thanks Sissel

This is cool, and fun.


I would hesitate trying to park in that garage. LOL


I agree with the comments!


It sure does Tincup. Very realistic :-))) Thanks


I love this. Looks like they built the garage around the truck.

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