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Fancy and the Box ...............

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The box is more fun.


It was very nice snooker, it's always nice to catch up with everyone.
It's catching up with me today, I'm tired!

Sounds like you had fun. Very good!


WOW! Snooker! My Fancy is famous! That's my fur baby!!!
I just got home, I've been gone for 4 days. I had 2 family reunions to go to. Did a lot of catching up with Aunts, Uncles, cousions, spent some time with my siblings. It was nice. But I'm also glad to be home!

It has 10, Jeannie. You and Fancy are famous. :)


Snooker, how cool that would be!!! :))))

You are very welcome, Jeannie. It has 8 stars so far - maybe it will happen again. :)


Too funny Faye, thank you. :))

Snooker! Thank you!!! That was so nice. I loved it! I'm still smiling! :)))


I wish you could have eleven stars!! this is soooooo cute!!

Go to my page - puzzle for you.


Congratulations on 10 stars...I tried when you had 8 but I'm no good on small puzzles! LOL :)))


Morris, that's great advice! :))

Suzy! You're making me giggle!!!!! :DDD


********** !!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ;) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Always have the camera. ready!!


If I do, I'd better have my camera handy Morris! :DDD


Maybe you should, it may calm her down a bit!!! :) :)


Good idea snooker! And thanks to all of you! :))))

She sure is laurajane!

Thank you chickie, 10 stars, WOW! That is so cool!!!

PG, it's a first, I so tickled! Chili and wine sounds wonderful, especially after what I did to the ribs. That was pretty bad.

Colind, you're welcome. :))

Thank you Morris! You know what, she deserves that pound of catnip! And to think, all this stuff she's been doing, I haven't given her any! LOL

Thank you laurajane! My first 10! Wow!

Lyndee, I'm sorry. I'm sure she will be up to something new before long. Like the day she crawled into the under side of a pillow in a pillowcase, and she couldn't figure how to get out, so she yelled for helpl! Naughty, yes, but so lovable. :)))


What?????? You've got an all-star board Healer and I didn't even get a chance to try it. Congratulations. Love your naughty cat picture!!!!


Yes, congrats on your first set of 10!


She heard that the prize was a pound of catnip!
Congrats on the 10 stars, Jeannie!


LOL! Thanks, Healer.

Healer, you have 10 stars! Way to go guys! I took a screen shot in case it gets messed up. :)


Ten stars for you Jeanie and I am glad to see you doing so well. Come on over for a little chili and wine.


Congrats on the stars Healer.


Oh, how cute!


Oh Fancy, you are too funny, girl!

Do the puzzle until you get 16 or better and then maybe some other stars will come along to bump the 2 non stars.


LOL snooker! She's very special to me.
10 stars would be nice, I've not had that!

Not a very dignified pose for a lady but that's the joy of it. She is special isn't she.
You're well on the way to a 10 star puzzle too.


Faye, on these nice days Rocky likes to be outside, so Fancy entertains herself...and me! :DD

Robryan, I'd love to see some photos of Layla in the screen with the geckoes! What fun! :D

Bentleyd, not a thing left in there. I think she actually thought she fit! Silly!!! :DDD

Hi Pat, I don't now how, but she didn't fall off, thank goodness! I don't see her right now, I wonder what she's into?!? LOL

Mimi, thanks, she really is. She's a God sent.

Suzy, she does. I can't catch half of the things she does, imagine what you don't see! :DDD

Yellowgal thanks, she's a nut! She wasn't trying to get out...she wanted the rest of the way in! LOL

Oddio, you're welcome. I try to keep a camera handy. She makes me smile and actually, laugh out loud. :))


Thanks for catching this shot, Healer. :>)

Busted!! Instead of The Cat in The Hat, you own The Cat in The Box . . . she really is quite the comedian, isn't she? What fun!!!


When you get bored, just push Fancy's "TROUBLE ON" button; she will amuse for hours! LOVE it!


She is just plain wonderful! Thanks for sharing! :)


Love it ... did she go off the table??/


Lol Cats love boxes and always put their heads in:-))
Any thing left in the box Fancy:-))


LOL!! She won't try that again in a hurry!! They're good entertainment aren't they!!!! Our Layla climbs the insect screen doors on hot summer nights chasing geckoes!!! She's so fast she scares the daylights out of us sometimes!!


LOL And I thought Rocky was a hoot! What a giggle! You make me laugh, Jeannie. :DDD


Robryan, if you are wondering about the black tape on the windows....that's for Fancy. She went to jump in the window not long ago. She didn't realize the window was closed. She made the jump....hit the glass and slid down the wall. So...I put tape on the window so she knows if it's open or closed! See????? (You should have heard the noise it made!)


Thanks robryan, she a real trip! :DDD
Maybe I should have titled it "The Box That Ate The Cat".


LOL!!! Great tail shot Healer!!!


Thanks PLG, and Plumpossum. She is a determined little thing!


Tsk. . . .



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